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Asar Maat E

The TOA discussion session was a very productive class discussion overall, and in particular, the exchange between Sebai Maa, Seba Dja and the aspirant gave insight into effective ways to provide feedback to an aspirant. In the written response and in the exchange the aspirant was exhibiting substantial attachment to ego-based thinking and residue/impressions. From the exchange, it was apparent how important it is to directly address the ego and stand firm as a spiritual preceptor against the ego. The form of exchange is not an attack on the person or personality that aspirants may perceive it as and become emotional and up Set. The exchange is as if the Heru consciousness is contenting with ego consciousness. It may be hard for the aspirant to have their ego being directly confronted, yet if the aspirant is able to separate themselves, that is to know their essence from the ego, residue, or impressions, the personality can receive the feedback and integrate it and be able to understand that the feedback is intended to direct the ego to take its proper place in relation to one’s spiritual consciousness and suppress the ego impressions.
Dua. Htp Asar Maat E.