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Anpu Waset

Reflections of Bastu Baket’s Chapter 10

Being Mindful of What One Desires

Bastu Baket was clear and concise in her review of Chapter 10 of the lectures by Ab Amenhotep. Namely that one should be mindful of what one desires because this creates one’s destiny, Shai and fortune (Rennenut). I especially enjoyed her sharing the consequences of desiring material wealth as this is something that all can identify with. Below are a few points to add to her discourse:

-We create our Destiny (Shai) and Fortune (Rennenut) thru our actions performed today. In short, one’s present actions are the cause of one’s future conditions and ultimate fate that the cosmic forces (Shai/Rennenet) render to each individual and your present circumstance is the Fortune of actions done previously.

-When a person allows him/herself to desire something w/out considering the consequences of that action one is allowing a dependency to develop.

-One is to consciously engage in actions which create a Destiny and Fortune that leads the mind to inner peace. A peaceful mind leads to experience of the Divine which is the best Destiny (Shai) and Fortune (Rennenet) that one can have.

-One should desire to live a spiritual life with the wisdom to know the experiences that one will have if approached/handled with Maat will eradicate the fetters that prevent spiritual awakening/Nehast.

Unut Anpu