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Bastu Baket

Sage Amenmopet Series Clergy Assignment
Bastu Baket Asu Ra
Lecture #10 of 09-24-2019


While there are quite a few choice morsels that Sebai Maa brought forth from these Verses (Chp. 6B v5-8; Chp. 7 v10-11; Chp. 7B v10-12; Chp.11 v5-6, 9-11) by Sage Amenemopet, the overarching theme of being mindful of what you desire – “Living life as if there is something called fortune and destiny (Shai and Rennenet) Consequences of actions. Remembering Neberdjer;” are indicated as key to this lesson.

Desiring material wealth will have its negative consequences, perhaps there will be some temporary joy that will turn to worry, anguish, greed. What you had once thought would bring you such happiness eventually causes you to stress about that object. Why? Because these things are in the realm of time and space and are fleeting and changeable. Also, the desiring will create seeds of Aryu that carry on when the physical body dies. Therefore, we are admonished to remember Shai and Rennenet, fortune and destiny, and live accordingly. We are instead to desire the connection with the Divine that will have its positive consequences, such as having fair winds for our boat of life, joy of the heart, abiding happiness.

Seba Dja discussed a perspective from Neberdjer consciousness that I resonated with, that being: “Wealth means nothing in the hands of God.” So, whether you are rich or poor in the world, what is the preferred “better formula” is to be rich in the knowledge of who your true Divine essence is, this is being in the Hand of God. By living by Maatian conscience, living ethically, sharing rather than coveting and lying to manipulate for your own selfish gain. This will bring wealth beyond measure in eradicating negative accumulated Aryu so the purification of your unconscious mind leads you to a positive outcome of smooth sailing as opposed to your boat being tossed about by the swells of egoism.

I will conclude with a prayer that may we all have remembrance of being in the Hand of God and may our boat bring us to the everlasting peace and abiding joy in this knowledge.


Part 2 Question for Book Week #10 (09-24-2019) Sage Amenemopet Series

Fill in the Blank:

______ and __________ are two divinities that attend the weighing of your heart in the Hall of Maat.

Answer: Shai and Rennenet
(30:20 time stamp on video)

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