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TTOA Lesson 1

Summarize the plot of the Asarian Resurrection Myth

In the myth of the Asarian Resurrection Asar is the first Per Ahh of Kemet. He establishes the civilization and advances the material sciences and spiritual philosophy and spreads it around the world with the help of Aset.

One day after a celebration Asar sleeps with Nebthet. His brother Set develops jealousy and resentment and plots to kill Asar and usurp the throne. First, he tricks Asar into trying on a coffin which he closes and throws into the Nile. Aset searches for Asar and finds him but then Set finds them and dismembers Asar and scatters the pieces of his body. Aset searches for and finds the body parts of Asar and re-members them. She resurrects Asar spiritually and conceives Heru.

Heru grows up in hiding under the protection of Aset, who teaches him all he needs to know. Heru grows to the point where he challenges Set for the throne, and Set and Heru embark on battle back and forth where neither one gains a decisive victory. Finally, the winner is judged by the 42 judges and they are unable to make a decisive decision. Asar sends a scroll from the netherworld that reminds them that they too will be judged and that Heru is the rightful heir to the throne as his son. Heru is given the throne and becomes the leader of Kemet and restores Maat.

What are the main take away from the Asarian Resurrection myth, the important teachings to remember?

The main take away for me is that the Asarian resurrection myth represents the spiritual process of every persons life. Everyone is Asar, the Soul, and this myth represents the spiritual process of life.

Set represents the ego consciousness, Asar represents the soul, Aset represents intuitional wisdom, and Heru represents spiritual aspiration. I try and keep these meanings in mind when I think about the myth.

Its important for me to remember that there is no decisive winner in the battle between Heru and Set. One does not kill and triumph over the other. Instead the victory comes when Asar sends a scroll to the judges and the battle is ended and Heru becomes the leader. This represents an act of divine grace after the spiritual battle between the aspirant and the ego. To me the victory means that Heru Asar and Ra become the leader of the personality, which is in line with the Maatian order of life. To me this would mean abiding spiritual stability and harmony versus the discord and chaos of the battle between Ego and spirit in the personality.

As the individual journey of everyone’s soul I wonder what it means for a person to not achieve this process in their life? I see areas where I let Set continue to battle and win against my spirit and I would like to reach the victory of this journey in this lifetime.

Based on the video lecture, and your current understanding at this time, A-what have you discovered so far about what is the importance about the role of Aset in that epic teaching of the Asarian Resurrection? And B-what do you make of her character, her personality?

In this epic teaching Aset is the wife of Asar and the mother of Heru and she represents intutional wisdom. According to the lecture Sebai Maa says that she is even the most important character of all because it is her actions that find Asar, resurrect Asar, raise and educate Heru, and support him through the battle. She is the abiding force that allows the whole process to happen. If it wasn’t for her Set would control the throne, Asar would be dead. If it wasn’t for her Heru would not be raised, protected, and supported in his fight against Set.

What I make of her personality is that she is dedicated and sincere, she continues to support Asar and Heru through all challenges. She ceaselessly pursues the goal of resurrecting Asar and restoring heru to the throne. Her actions show a wisdom that is deep because she is unwavering in the pursuit of the goal despite any challenges that arise.