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Bastu Yashi

Lesson 15 Important Points

The act of loving or hating increases egoistic tendencies, directly contrasting Khak ab. Rejection of duality, or opposites remains key – they are to be repudiated to prevent opacity and heaviness of heart upon divine self judgement, affecting reincarnation.

Self-devotion to practicing, reflecting, meditation with full integration of the teachings is the answer. Learning one and then moving on to other temples/aspects of divine awareness is recommended. One’s efficacy at metaphysics is correlated with their subtlety and deep penetration of the mysticism.

Reminder: Ra knit creation from himself, differentiating consciousness. All names/forms of creation are reflections of Ra, a temporary, illusory manifestation. To understand the process of wisdom penetrating time/space illusion, knowing that Ra is the mind must be reflected, meditate, integrated.

Wisdom reflected upon this, one-pointedly. This means no media/time and space distractions, so as not to squander energy. One is to collect and then preserve the sekhem via silence, and reflection, Qed, the kneading the taffy shepsy. Ultimately, the goal is to reach and then elevate beyond undifferentiated state.

Khepera-a are reflections, similar to light shining on waves. Mental reflection of the akhu into the Nun of the mind causes forms. Personality is the sum of these reflections, ariu, manifests through this effect.

Anu k asha renu, kheperu: I have many names and forms. All objects in creation that people recognize with various names , whatever one can name is Ra, constituting creative/conscious awareness. This is not an abiding reality, but the recognition of names/forms in the consciousness of the individual. Sebai Maa notes this is the little c, not absolute Consciousness.

Therefore: anything the mind/senses are aware of cannot be real. Ra projections are therefore not created by, but IN him. Mental movement prevents reflection on undifferentiation. This is the clouding of the mind.

Mind is composed of subtle matter. It is used to manipulate the bits of Nunu, clump into images which one comes to recognize as thoughts or feelings. One’s association of concepts with this, is the, “thought process” entailing juxtaposition, differentiation and movement. If the mind stopped this, one would have an end of creation of the differentiation process. So, creation is a temporary, illusory manifestation. All is sustained by Neter Neterty, the absolute. If you look at the mirage and are oriented to it being illusory, this is the desirable state of mind.

Ra is the manifestor of individuated conscious awareness. Personality, or mind, is the ego of the individual soul. This concept must be Qed, to be eventually integrated into the Duat mind. When ego imprisoned wisdom, cosmic mind (in one’s personality), was called upon and employed to integrate divine wisdom and eventually embody it, affecting Nehast. The opposite of this action is to continue engaging in time and space illusions, eventually breeding more entanglements and delusions.


Embodying the wisdom of Aset entails realization that creation is illusory, actions are all inconsequential. Nothing happens or changes separate from self. Nonabiding thought processes are to be relinquished, in favor of movement towards an nemu nemu. Sebai Maa recommends disciplinary {internal} movement away from unrealities.

Egoism is the delusion of individuality caused by engaging in Merr (love) and Mesdjedd (hate). Khak ab is the antidote, to recognize illusoriness thereof, rather than sensory attachment thereto. Indj-Set is ego affliction, intensifying relative reality, nesheny, facilitating further enmeshment in the stormy mind.

Path of Nonduality, Solar Spiritual Path

Shu and Tefnut, also Sef and Duau represent duality, or time/form. Ra is the entity in the middle, shining through as non-dual. The meridian path of the sun changes based on years and seasons.

Herumaket represents the higher self, duality redirected to higher reality. This solar path entails no compromise, no “one foot in and one foot out,” or compromised happiness-based reality. Self-direction, meditation, cleansing of the ariu is recommended, to cultivate stillness of consciousness and divine awareness. The goal is to be free of non-time, to experience undifferentiated time, eternity.

As divine wisdom cultivated her taffy shepsy, she dissolved her personality. Creation disappeared, the perception of names and forms was eliminated, she turned away from creation at human and cosmic levels. Her process birthed repudiation and dispassion, an nemu nemu. She was then able to break through cosmic mind, to experience the reality behind the name/creation.

Understanding is directed towards Neter Neterty alone. This is the divine wisdom we have been invited to seek after, via being near and dwelling continuously within divine wisdom. Sebai Maa notes that Menta is being established, firm, not moving. This is our mental focus in the Teachings of the Temple of Aset spiritual path.

Sebai Maa further notes this is to be done via Sek, or collecting of the Tem energy, Qed, which is again kneading of the taffy shepsy and personality, antet begag, an chen and nemu nemu. He also notes that Amun Ra is the witnessing consciousness. It is awake and aware within, even while sleeping – also when the mind is fluctuating. This Amun level of consciousness is derived from Neberdjer, Absolute consciousness.

He further notes that the initiate is born through the Akhu, which is the body of Aset. This is facilitated via the wisdom of this teaching of spiritual awakening. Amun Ra, which signifies Aset’s completion – of becoming one with Ra. The Akhu remains throughout time, whether one is in an egoistic awake or dreaming state.

Outcome of Dwelling with the Goddess

Divine wisdom strengthens the body parts of the royal personality so that wherever one is, one is strong enough to do battle. In developing a nurturing and wise relationship with the teaching (goddess), no matter what name one is called, all are Heru. This is the entity of Higher Self, and is eternal, vibrant and strong. No matter where one travels, Pet/Astrally, one is informed by vitality, strength and majesty.
When water is calm, no there are no ripples, waves, or images.


Thoughts may come as ripples in the Nun. Increasing the practice of Khak ab results in greater ability to easily dismiss them. As this ability further develops, the mind is retrained, moving further into a space of an nemu nemu, versus Nesheny. This is moving into Ra, beyond name or form.

In slowing down this process of appearances/disappearances, a state of no thing ness, results. If one can hold and abide here in the Amun, Anrutef level of awareness, eventually one goes beyond that blankness to discover experientially, the existence of self that is all encompassing, eternal and infinite. This is the ultimate goal of this teaching of the Temple of Aset.