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DjedefHor Anpu

Lesson 27 Video Assignments. Intro To Shetaut Neter 104-105 Part 1&2

There were several themes that were important in both video assignments. The first theme that was important was the three steps in religion. I have learned in Shetaut Neter the three steps are myths (stories), ritual(ceremonies) and mysticism(transcendental experience). Prior to Shetaut Neter I understood the stories, participated in the ceremonies but did not experience mysticism. Another thing to note about myths that I learned in Shetaut Neter is the myths or not talking about some ancient personality or story that occurred a long time ago. THE MYTH IS SPEAKING ABOUT ME! What a revelation.

Another important theme is the importance of religion. According to Seba MAA religion is the most powerful force driving culture. He describes culture as everything a human being learns from living in a society including language, history, values and religion, etc.(African Origins Book I, pg. 34). I was taught religion through the lens of the Western culture and forced as a child to place an emphasis on its importance. Unfortunately, the western culture concept of religion gave me a misguided practice of religion. As previously stated, I was taught the myths, the rituals but was never introduced to mysticism. Shetaut Neter has put me on the path to liberation. John Henrik Clark has so eloquently described my station in life at this time, “Africa (I) will not be free until its leaders (I) pray to African gods and goddesses without apology”.

As with part one, there were also several important themes in part two. The one that was the most important to me was the discussion on the whole teaching of Shetaut Neter being condensed into four principles. These four principles are known as the Great Truths. After listening to Seba Maa’s teaching on the great truths I now understand how the entire philosophy can be condensed into these four principles. I was familiar with the concept of one Supreme Being because of the doctrine of Christianity. However, what I did not know was the Supreme Being manifesting in everything. In Christianity, I was taught God created everything and stepped back to watch his creation. In other words, he created it, but did not participate in it. Shetaut Neter teaches the Supreme Being is manifesting everywhere and in all things in the form of gods and goddesses.