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Bastu Baket


Re: Question asked by aspirant There is the idea or process of detaching from objects. People, experiences, things are an illusion. How does this apply to emotions; feelings from within myself?

Seba Dja: All of creation meaning everything in it…including us, sages, teachings is considered the illusion. Illusion means what people are affirming as real because of seeing with the physical eyes and experiencing with the senses are very limited, and should not be taken to be the ultimate reality; it’s only relative reality. Eternity through the mind and senses expresses as the relative reality unenlightened people call the reality. Neberdjer as the ultimate reality, as our Eternal Essence, is “the” reality and can only be experienced by spiritual awakening from the illusion through Divine transcendental experience/vision, the 3rd eye, intuitional wisdom. The integral shedy disciplines are the path to Nehast, wake up from the illusion. The mystical process is compared to a dream. Relative to you asleep on the bed, the dream is an illusion. But relative to the dream you, what’s going on in the dream is real. 2 ways to wake up, 1) wake up in your bed and 2) wake up in your dream, that is, while the dream is going on u become aware it’s only a dream and all of it, even you, are not real, thus illusory. This latter way is akin to enlightenment. So, similarly it’s as if we are in Neberdjer’s dream. So to us, the dream Neberdjer, expressing as creation and all in creation, is real, but to real Neberdjer’s its an illusion/projection. So in this metaphor, an aspirant is to find a dream teacher who has woken up in the dream to realize their true Neberdjer blissful identity , and learn from them how to wake up and discover their own real Neberdjer. This is equated with enlightenment. So emotions have practical relative reality value, but from the mystical absolute perspective, they are part of the Neberdjer dream illusion. So, from this mystical perspective, everything except Neberdjer is illusory. It does not mean creation and human existence do not have value. They do have practical relative value, just not absolute value. Detachment means: 1) Keeping in mind that all Creation is dream Neberdjer (called Ra also), and thus, really all in creation is the the same Neberdjer conscious stuff (as others shared above) and to 2. Realize that the only source of abiding joy and abiding peace is real Neberdjer and thus, seek to discover that real Neberdjer identity…to be abiding joyful/happy/blissful/peaceful, what every human is striving to achieve in life. And 3. Realize all this intellectually and then experientially…by transcending the dream limitation, even as in the dream. Htp Seba Dja