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Neterianism is the ancient African Kametic religion that (evidence suggests) dates back as far as 10,000 BC.
Neterians are followers of neterianism. Neterians are also known as shems.
The founder of Neterianism is the divinity Kheperi. The main symbol of Kheperi is the beetle. Kheperi created the Gods and Goddesses and all manifestations. He passed the philosophy of Shetaut Neter to God Djehuti who codified it and in turn passed on the teaching to Hetheru. Kheperi also taught the philosophy to Asar and Aset and asked Asar and Aset to come down to the world to teach humans civilization. Asar showed people how to worship. Aset gave humans the philosophy of Shetaut Neter.
In Shetaut Neter it is believed that all life is composed of cosmic power than emanates from the divine self. In Shetaut Neter worshipping the cosmic powers will eventually lead to an understanding of the all encompassing one divinity. Egyptian practice of worship was 2-fold and included personal practice and public worship.
The Gods and Goddesses of Shetaut Neter manifest in Anthropomorphic and Zoomorphic iconography so shems can better understand the powers/ energies of each God/ Goddess. The philosophy of complementary opposites is an important theme in Shetaut Neter. Enlightenment is attained when an individual ties the lower and higher aspect of his/ herself together. The Asarian resurrection myth teaches the truth that I am the one who was destroyed by Set (egoism), I will be put back together by Aset ( wisdom of divine order and truth) and I will be resurrected as Heru (enlightened). Enlightenment is attained through 4 paths- the path of Wisdom, the path of Maat, the path of devotion and the path of meditation.
The Goddess Maat/ Aset symbolizes the cosmic energy related to ethics, righteousness, order and truth. Living in accordance with the energy of Maat is necessary for proper spiritual evolution. She is found in all traditions. Understanding the energy of Maat involves listening, reflecting upon and meditating on wisdom teachings. It also involves living in accordance with the 42 principles of Maat.
The practice of postures, part of the discipline of devotion can be divided into 5 phases: creation phase, earth phase, transition phase, higher self postures and establishment phase. The four disciplines all lead to Nehast, the great awakening.

That the gods were represented in animal form so we could better under the cosmic energies of the Gods/ Goddesses

1. Is Kheperi the first consciousness? How did Kheperi come into being from the cosmic ocean? Is Kheperi found in all kemetic creation stories/ traditions?