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Bastu Baket



Moving through Lesson 13 there were many important keys that Sebai Maa had shared to give us further insights that were like petals of a lotus blooming. I would say the theme of this lesson is the “Searching the Mind, – “Hehy en Ab.” We began this lesson by understanding the examples of the many Kheperu form/objects of creation from Ra, such as the images gold/jewelry; the water/ice sculptures; the clay/pottery objects that are still of their one source, just as we, no matter our appearance are of the source of Ra. Understanding the underlying source is the Absolute is key to movement in our spiritual path.

The aspect of Aset being the calmer of the waters of the mind I especially resonated with. Utilizing the breath and the hekau affords that calmness to the storminess (Nesheny) of the mind so the an nemu nemu state can be brought forth, whereby we can float deeply within. Sebai Maa shared the images of 3 different types of floating and it brought to mind a truth about this personality in this lifetime. I am not a swimmer. I deeply appreciated Bastu Ola sharing this a while back. While I had gone for lessons in my youth for a couple of weeks, I didn’t really have the opportunities to continue to swim to perfect the techniques but got over some of the fear of the water. I relate this now to the “floating within” I do not intend to let fear or missed opportunities to prevent this process to occur. This key insight from Seba Maa is one that I feel, as I had stated in my Lesson 12 assignment, is the one that requires the most “kneading” in my process. Since receiving these teachings, a more diligent effort and reflection on this aspect has been made and will continue to be worked with the guidance of my preceptors.

In the section “The Power of Words of Wisdom backed by Dispassion and Will” where Sebai elucidated on conscious awareness was another petal of the lotus blossom. He spoke about Vs. 64 “aset ra set me nafu n ankh tjez -set – residing in her mouth, in the form of breath of life, her invocatory creative words of power.” Manipulating the life force energy through the breath and her words of power which “are poison to delusion and an antidote for the disease of egoism in time and space leading to death of egoism and life of conscious awareness.” So, it is an abundant toolbox we have at our disposal, utilizing the khak-ab, antet begag, and an chen along with the breath and hekau then reaching the an nemu nemu state to further poison the illusion. What a powerful teaching!

When these are properly applied, we move closer to the goal of Aset, but have not yet achieved the ultimate goal of being a “Knower of Ra.” We must “demu” affirm it — declare emphatically with determined will.” Sebai Maa shared a divine formula “Djedemu – burning sekhemu-energy + Nebau-flareup = Hehuty – Ra exposed Pert-coming forth of “Divine Name.” This is also what Aset did so we must also follow this scientific Divine Formula to be a “Knower of Ra.”

Dua Sebai Maa for sharing this Nefer scripture with such detail, understanding and compassion so we to may have the capacity to inculcate and experience this Divine Goal.

Bastu Baket