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Shems Ahit Nebthet

Lesson 9 – Reading Assignment pg 106-124

1. What is Maui?
a. Reflection – to think, to ponder, to fix attention, concentrate.
2. Name the process for the practice in the Kemetic Yoga of Wisdom
IT is a threefold process.
 Listening to the teaching via lectures, or reading, etc.
 Then reflecting on the teaching, concentrate the mind on the meaning of the teachings try to make sense of it, how it can be implemented in one’s life, and
 Then meditate on the teaching, become one with the teaching, visualize self actually implementing the teachings as this will then leave impressions related to the teaching in the sub and unconscious mind which will then be able to influence ones actions, the actual manifestation of the teachings in one’s life can occur.
3. What are the steps in practicing the Yoga of action?
 Learn ethics, laws of cause and effect – Understanding these two concepts helps one to develop more control over their body, speech and thoughts.
 Practice cultivation of the higher virtues via selfless service – purify the mind and intellect of subtle impurities related to the ego, do things not looking for any return. This helps to dissolve ego-based feelings related ideas such as, “I should be able to get this since I did this”. This is also work based on condition and this does not help with the expression of being Devoted to the Divine which is what and who you are truly interacting with.
 Devotion to the Divine – actions are offerings to the Divine; I have to look at my actions as my offerings, my devotion to the Divine. In order to ensure that they are pure, I have to make sure that they align with the virtues and precepts of Maat. As I see this as another form of meditation through movement, which leads into the next step.
 Meditation – Unite with cosmic order (Ma’at), Actions being united with cosmic order, I understand this to be ensure that I do not violate any of the precepts, if I do immediately catch it and change it rather than just let it slide or get angry with myself. Being aware of the precepts and virtues is only one thing uniting with them is acting living by them, when I can actually express the each and every one and say, its true “I have not” done… its freeing.
2b. How should a spiritual aspirant think about ego-based feelings and how does the action path affect them as an aspirant transform through time?
 They are of the ego personality
 Tool Divine uses to experience Its creation
 It makes one think that it is who they are. Experiences shape them and cause them to be who they are. When you think this way, one is connecting their I to their actions, feelings, perceptions rather than what is allowing them to even behave or think.
 Related to Set. When I reflected on this term/concept and reflected on God Set a few things came to mind.
o He is powerful
o He is never killed – Yes may be speared, stabbed, etc but never brought to death. However, he brought and did things to bring death to others. This death I understand to be ignorance of the true self/originator. If you get caught up in your experiences you forget who you really are.
o He is one of the Enneads in the boat that cometh out of Nun (from the beginning of time and space, its seems to be the aspect within time and space that allows one to actually experience it
o Plays a very important part in allowing Ra’s boat to not be stopped by Apep (have to be aware of chaos within and outside of one’s self to be able to control it and not let it stop ones movement in creation)
Action path affects ego-based feelings:
 Allows the ego base feelings to come into alignment with its creator so the feelings actually transform from being ego-based to being vertical, seeking higher truths and to operate in one’s higher truth
 Implementing the action path purifies/eliminates the ego-based feelings as well because the feelings will be devoted to the expressing of righteous actions coming through rather than actions of the ego personality.
3. Mental complexes will intensify rather than resolve if dwelled upon constantly
4. If you do not learn the spiritual lesson that the situation is here to teach you what happens?
 It will continue to repeat itself in your life
5. By acting and moving like the gods and goddesses one can do what?
 It can allow one to essentially discover their “character, energy and divine agency in one’s mind/consciousness and also it can become one’s routine, create a connection between one and the Divine Self.”
(What does “divine agency mean/making reference to please?)
6. Yoga postures began in India – False
7. In modern times, most practitioners of India Hatha Yoga see it as a means to attain physical health only.
8. Many enlighten personalities from time to time indulge in recreation activities.
 It was very interesting to learn about/see recreation defined in such a manner in this section of our workbook.
 Recreation – means to re-create one’s consciousness at every moment, instead of a means to forget oneself (essential self) and pass time.
 A therapeutic practice used to gradually adjust the mind and body to greater and greater levels of spiritual discipline. The pleasure of this activity does not come from the activity it is from within. So, I reflected and meditated on this, when I am engaging in an activity (in line with Maat), connect more with the awareness of the sensation of pleasure is birthing from within, it is not the object outside bestowing it upon me. So if it is within I will eventually be able to let go of the recreational activity and experience the total bliss within. The Divine which creates.
9. The stagnation of the flow of energy through the body has what effects?
 It has the effect of grounding one’s consciousness to the physical realities rather than allowing the mind and body to operate with lightness and subtlety