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DjedefHor Anpu

Lesson 22 reading assignment pages 125-140

This reading assignment was about meditation and devotion. I found it to be very helpful with my formal meditation, meditative lifestyle and my devotion to the Neberjer.

I could easily comment on every sentence and paragraph because they were all applicable to my journey, but I will only discuss a couple. My first comment is about the statement, “Meditation may be thought of or defined as the practice of mental exercises and disciplines to enable the aspirant to achieve control over the mind, specifically, to stop the vibrations of the mind due to unwanted thoughts, imaginations, etc.”

I am just beginning to learn about meditation and in a very short time I understand the importance of meditation. The more I meditate it lessens the unwanted thoughts. The reading discusses two things that I found to be very interesting. They are externalized consciousness and internalized consciousness.

The externalized consciousness is where I have lived all of my life prior to discovering Shetaut Neter. My life has consistently been distracted by egoism and worldly objects. I like to refer to them as the big three, popularity, power and paper (💰). My mind has always been steadfast on one of those areas and my energy has continued to flow in the same direction. The one thing that I have learned about a life lived with externalize consciousness is it was all in vain.

Now that I am a Shemsu Neter, I understand internalize consciousness. The objective now is to practice all of the yoga disciplines so that I may rise to the soul level, attain enlightenment and experience true joy and peace.

I have already begun to use the meditation techniques from Seba Maa’s book on meditation. As I stated earlier, the techniques have helped me in my formal meditation and the use of chants has really been beneficial in my meditative lifestyle.

I have also given concentration to the yoga of devotion. I practice a daily devotion as outlined in Seba Maa’s devotion book, at least two times a day as time permits. It has helped me to understand and experience the following statement from the reading. Yoga of Devotion is the process of directing the mental energies (passion and love) to the Divine. It is a process whereby one uses one of the strongest emotions, love, to overpower mental afflictions and negative thoughts leading to union with the divine object of contemplation, one’s Higher Self. In much the same manner that one rises above his/her problems and ailments when he/she falls “in love” with another person, so too when one directs feelings of love to the Higher Self, one is able to transcend problems and adversities in life.