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Shetaut Neter, the Kametic religion that means “the hidden way of the divinity” was a fully developed spiritual system in the predynastic Egyptian period, which was in existence around 10,000 BC. All other religions came afterwards. The pursuit of happiness was the main concern of the Ancient Egyptians. A follower of Shetaut Neter is known as a shemsu.
Grief is natural to the mortal world; and is always about you: pleasure is a guest, and visiteth by thy invitation; use well thy mind, and sorrow shall be passed behind you; be prudent, and the visits of joy shall remain long with you.”
The mind is the cause of grief/ happiness. We must learn to control and direct our mind/ thoughts.
Truth is but one, thy doubts are of thine own raising. It that made virtues what they are, planted also in thee a knowledge of their pre-eminence. Act as soul dictates to thee, and the end shall always be right.
Material things will not make us happy, all the time. We are spirits, here to have a human experience. As humans we have mostly forgotten this. We manifest as African/ Indian/ French Caribbean etc. for a particular reason and because of our Karma/ Aru. Following the path of truth, the path of righteousness will help us remember who we are and what we have forgotten.
There are three stages in religion: myth, ritual and mysticism. Gnostic Christianity contains mysticism. Without mysticism we are dependant on the church for enlightenment. Shetaut Neter contains all three aspects of religion. The creator of Shetaut Neter is the Divinity Kheperi. His headdress is a scarab beetle. In his creation story Kheperi enters the primeval ocean (Nun) and creates waves/ vibrations that become all physical matter. He creates a boat on which there are companies of God/ Goddesses. The reason for having many Gods/ Goddesses is because the multiplicity of creation requires different cosmic forces. Each God represents a different energy of creation. Each of us will resonate more with different energies/ philosophies/ Gods. Studying the God/ Goddess will help us understand the underlying energy in ourselves an how this understanding is a pathway to our true selves. Nun is a metaphor for the limitless life force energy. During meditation the period between thoughts is the Nun, if we can extend the period of no thoughts/ nun we will have a greater experience of our spirit being which frees us from egoism and being trapped in time and space.
There are three main traditions in the Shetaut Neter. They are the Anunian tradition, the Amunian tradition and the Memphite Tradition. The principal Gods of the Anunian theology are Kheperi, Ra- Tem and Ra-ri. These three Gods are different manifestations of the God Ra, Kheperi is Ra as the creator, Ra-ri is Ra the saviour and Ra- Tem is Ra the dissolver. Ra gives rise to the 9 Gods and Goddesses on the boat that sails on the primeval ocean. These 9 Gods/ Goddesses are Geb and Nut, Asar and Aset, Shu and Tefnut, Set and Nebthe and Heru. In the Amunian tradition the three principle Gods are Amun, Mut and Khonsu while in the Memphite Tradition the 3 principle Gods are Ptah, Sekhet and Nefertem. Amum, Ra and Ptah are all one and the same. Nefertem, Khonsu and Heru-ur are all one and the same. The Asar tradition another popular tradition, comes out of the Anunian tradition. The 3 principal Gods of the Asar tradition are Asar, Osiris (Isis/ Aset) and Heru.
Throughout the Shetaut Neter Divinity Kheperi creates creation and gives the philosophy (Sekbit) to Lord Djehuti who in turn writes in down in the hieroglyphs and gives it to the Goddess Hetheru who transmites the teachings to Heru who then gives it to the priests and priestesses of Egypt. In Shetaut Neter the practice of Sema Tawi (yoga) unites the higher (depicted by Heru) and lower (depicted by Set) aspects of the personality. When the higher aspect of the personality dominates spiritual awakening can occur. This is what happens in the myth of Asar when he is resurrected. Aspirants of the Shetaut Neter are called Asar to denote the fact that we are already Gods discovering our own divinity.

Understanding that the one supreme being is extremely multifaceted.

1. How does understanding the energy of any God/ Goddess eg. Aset help us get to a place of spiritual awakening? Is it ok to focus on only one God as a pathway to spiritual awakening? If yes how does that work?

2. Does the need to differentiate between Amun/ Ra/ Ptah stem from wanting a better understand of Ra by focusing on different aspects of his energy?