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DjedefHor Anpu

Lesson 21 reading assignment page is 107-124

There were several things that were important in this lesson. But, first I would like to begin by asking a question. I see some authors talk about the 42 positive affirmations and the 42 negative confessions of Maat. In the Maat philosophy book you only discuss the negative confessions. Are there two sets of precepts?

The first thing that I found was very important was the following discussion. Yoga of Action implies acting according to the teachings of mystical wisdom (Maat) throughout your normal day to day activities. It keeps the mind occupied with thoughts which are uplifting to the mind. It is especially useful for calming the externalized-restless mind-set and redirecting thought patterns away from dwelling on mental complexes (worries) in order to allow the mind time to integrate its higher desire to overcome the difficulties through personality integration. Mental complexes will intensify rather than resolve if dwelled upon constantly.

The first time I saw this concept was in the book on meditation. It talked about using words of power or chants as a means of a meditative lifestyle. I am a witness that it works. Every time I started to worry about something, I would take the time to use the chants in the devotion book. The more I started chanting the less time I thought about my worries. Unfortunately, I lead a very busy lifestyle and this concept has brought balance to my daily life.

Another statement that I thought was very important as well as applicable was,If you do not accept personal responsibility for your life, then you will never look to find that which may be in error in your thought processes and behavior which predisposed you to your experiences, and there will be no chance for you to improve your situation.

As a former Christian pastor, I taught that we were not personally responsible for the sin in our own lives. This was made possible through the belief that sin came from the devil and he made me do it. It was also believed that when I committed a sin I simply had to ask Jesus to forgive me. I now understand that this teaching is a major problem. It also prevented myself and many others from growing spiritually. As long as I believed it was the devil that was causing my problems, I would never focus on solving the problems with my ego. This concept kept me living a setian lifestyle. Furthermore, as long as I continue to cast my cares on Jesus and allow him to do all the work, I never learned about the power of my higher self.

Thanks to this reading I am now practicing proper breathing and will soon learn the yoga postures.