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Phoenix Hetep MAAT

Lesson 1
1- Summarize the plot of the Asarian Resurrection myth
– Asar, the embodiment of Universal Soul is ruler over Egypt along with his wife and sister Aset the embodiment of Intuitional Wisdom. Together they bring thriving civilization to Egypt. Set, the brother to both Asar & Aset, and the embodiment of egoism and greed wanted to be the ruler, so he devises a plan to capture Asar and kill him.
Set is successful through trickery by making a beautifully crafted coffin for Asar to try that fit his body measurements. He threw the coffin out into the Nile river resulting in Asar being carried off and buried within the earth.
The coffin then grew into a beautiful tree that gave off a wondrous aroma. The king of the land noticed the aroma and had the tree cut down and used it as a pillar in his home.
Aset heard about this and discovered that his coffin was buried inside the pillar carved into a Djed in the home of the king. She asked the king for the pillar after revealing who she was, informing him that her husband was buried inside. After receiving it, she hid Asar’s body so no one could find it but Set discovered the body and ripped it into several pieces strewing them all over the earth. Aset searched relentlessly for every part with the assistance of other Gods and Goddess until they found all of the pieces, she then put them back together and resurrected Asar with her Divine Healing Words of Power.
Aset and Asar shared a Union, and Heru the embodiment of Spiritual Aspiration was conceived as the heir to Asar on earth.
Asar then went to rule over the Eternal.

The myth goes one to give an account of Heru being raised by Aset and receiving the Wisdom teachings. He then sets out to challenge his uncle Set for the throne of Egypt, where during several battles between the two, both struggled to defeat the other.
Heru goes on to eventually seek Strength and Will Power to overcome Set from a Higher Power in order to sublimate him. It is then Set finally sees that the throne of Egypt truly does belong to Heru.
Heru then becomes the rightful King of Egypt.
2- What are the main takeaways from the Asarian Resurrection myth, and the important teachings to remember?
– The mythic meanings and the importance of the Gods and Goddess in the myth. They are cosmic forces within each aspirant seeking Enlightenment.
o Asar- the Universal Soul
o Aset- Divine Intuitional Wisdom; Divine Healing Words of Power
o Set- Egoism; attachment to negative desires and individuality
o Heru- Spiritual Aspiration (an aspirant) birthed from the Soul receiving Intuitional Divine Wisdom
– The myth teaches us about ourselves through the human experience journey and beyond how to live (externally and internally) and expand beyond once the Spiritual Path of Shetaut Neter is adopted.
– Aset being the Preceptor to Heru teaches us that as aspirants we are to see Intuitional Wisdom as a preceptor to us as well, and as Heru we are to allow Intuitional Wisdom to teach us, Always!
– Intuitional Wisdom and Divine Healing Words of Power (Aset) is a Key component throughout the Asarian Resurrection- When Asar (Universal Soul) and Heru (Spiritual Aspiration) were ‘killed’ (overpowered by the fetters of Set- Egoism), it was needed for Resurrection to happen.
This teaches us that the cosmic force of Divine Intuitional Wisdom within every aspirant is the key to overcoming the ego, sublimating its power and rising above to reach Universal Soul Awareness, becoming One with the Divine Self.
– The importance of understanding the mythic meaning of the battles between Heru & Set. It is not to be seen as an actual event, but instead an internal battle within which takes place more than once, between the aspiration to discover the Divine Self and the Ego which is causing separation within ones understanding of Who they are due to negative egoistic worldly desires and seeing oneself as separate from all things. Sublimating the ego and offering it to the Divine allows one to reach a higher point of Divine Realization in order to become One with the Divine Self.
3- Based on the video lecture, and your current understanding at this time:
A- what have you discovered so far about what is the importance about the role of Aset in the epic teaching of the Asarian Resurrection?
– Aset’s role represents the Divine Intuitional Wisdom and Healing Words of Power throughout the myth which is a major key component. Without this cosmic force Asar (Universal Soul), and Heru (Spiritual Aspiration) would have been defeated by the powers of Set (Egoism), and the opportunity for liberation to discover Enlightenment would not be possible.
– Aset is the Complete Femaleness of Asar. She offers him Protection and Healing with her relentless, powerful coolness of air from her Life-giving wings and breath. This represents a birth which is a Divine attribute that is given to the female aspect.
Wanting to gain more knowledge in the Maleness and Femaleness teachings as it pertains to the Gods & Goddesses and our inner union with the sexualities, from what I have learned so far this important teaching shows us the importance of the sexual role (female) that Aset is in relation to Asar.
– Aset is the Divine Mother aspect of The Self. She gives Compassion, Loving Correction, Wisdom, Nurturement and Important teachings for Spiritual Growth when needed to Heru. This once again teaches us that we are to see Intuitional Wisdom as a ‘Mother’ aspect raising us with teachings of ethical, practical lessons, as well as Spiritual Knowledge to discover our Divine attributes so that we too inherit her Divine Truths and Words of Power to reach Enlightenment.

B- What do you make of her character and her personality?
The vastness of Aset’s being (Woman and Goddess) is so paramount that there aren’t enough appropriate words in the English language to Truly describe her. In order to obtain practical growth and knowledge in her human being, as well as Divine Oneness & Wisdom with her Goddess being on this Spiritual path, my make of her is as follows-
– Aset as a Woman is very persistent, goal oriented, healthy, beautiful, attentive, peaceful, knowledgeable, meticulous, confident, focused, vigilant, and unsatisfied.
She lives the human being experience having accomplished great things, yet she Knows that there is more! She comes to a Spiritual Realization (through detachment and dispassion) that all of life on this earth of time and space (and all of creation) is illusory and it serves for a Greater Purpose, so she chooses to discover an effective Spiritual path to first gain Wisdom in, then become One with Who the True Essence of all things is- Neberdjer.
– Aset as a Goddess is Compassion, Self-Care, Love, Peace, Selfless, Wisdom, a gentle enforcer of Truth and Correctness, Protective, Powerful, Healer, Discernment, Awareness, Divine Mother, Universal, All.
Having become One with Who Ra is, Goddess Aset is no longer a woman… or even an embodiment, but instead All- Encompassing. Who ‘she’ is as a Goddess is Divine Truth, Intuitional Wisdom and Liberation within every human being that has also reached a point of pure dissatisfaction with the world of time and space, and has chosen to listen to that inner voice which is in true essence Goddess Aset speaking.
‘She’ pieces (which represents Divine Truths) Asar (Our Universal Soul) back together, Resurrecting it (Oneness with The Divine Self).
Drawing close to the Goddess and allowing ‘her’ to use you offers one Will Power, Wisdom, Insight etc. to see ‘her’ virtues as yours in order to obtain Oneness with the Divine Self just as ‘she” has.
Dua Aset Neterit ahh Aset!