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Level 1 lesson 4wt.
Reading Assignment Page 35-50

Question why is keeping the company of the wise important? It’s one of the most important ways for promoting awareness and constant reflection and a powerful tool for spiritual development. The nature of the unenlightened mind allows it to make subtle mistakes which can lead to lead an aspirant astray from the correct interpretation of the teaching. Keeping the company of the wise helps the aspirant to understand subtleties of the teachings, by directing the aspirant on the correct path and point out mistakes.

How should a spiritual aspirant think about good association and what actions should they take to insure they receive and benefit from it? They should see good association as method to enlightenment by practicing the teaching and following virtuous characteristics of the preceptor and become the best student you can be by purifying yourself through the shedy disciplines.
When can you as the aspirant choose those disciplines which suit their personality? Once they have learned the correct method of the shedy disciplines through meditation, selfless service, study of the scriptures, etc. In an integrated way then they can choose which discipline suit their personality.
What food does the preceptor provide? The preceptor provides mental food in the form the wisdom teachings.
Who is the teacher? A true teacher is one who lives the teaching. Such a one can breathe life into the scriptures and myths and make them understood in the language of today.
Who is sebai? A sebai is a spiritual teacher who may or may not have the function of guru or spiritual guide proper.
Where was the largest priesthood? The largest priesthood belonged to the temples of the gods Amun, Asar, Ra and Heru, and Goddesses Net, Aset and Het Heru.
The role of the teacher? The teacher makes him or herself a conduit and instrument for the Divine through which the Divine may enlighten others when they are ready.