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Udja. Here are the terms that were most captivating in this lesson:
Hekau-a n Hekay er-a
(Ra’s) Secret words of power that control all Creation and become a personality who can use those words effectively and thereby also be able to use them even over me too.

This lets us known that there are 2 ways of breaking down the illusion, the transcendental method: knowing the name of Ra, and the practical method: knowing the secret words of power for time and space breakdowns and breakthroughs.

Hesu divine signing, creating trembling vibration with words of power
Hesy and Nafu

see image Hesyu-6.jpg

As an aspirant, aspiring chantress, musician and sound healer, having this ability could mean bringing about planetary healing with simple divine singing of the scriptures, or sacred words of power.

As an initiate, having this power would mean being able to break free of illusion with the Breath of Life that is contained within sacred words of power. It illustrates the might of the sacred words of power. How amazing it is to have such a powerful tool with us and within us at all times.

An initiate having this power, especially as a musician, could cause a great awakening for large groups of people with just a few words/sounds. An initiate would never need to feel lost or alone because these words of transformation are within our mouths, and if we are practicing Maat, we can know and trust that our words are constantly being purified, and that would make one True of Speech, thereby victorious in all inner battles and struggles to defeat Set.

Khery servant

see image for khery

Being a servant to the Divine is totally opposite of being a slave to an oppressor. Being a slave to the Divine is liberating and freeing rather than oppressive or violating. Serving the Divine is serving, being the majesty within, rather than being owned by oligarchies. Being obedient to the Divine is purifying rather than debilitating.

Makes me think of the English word Carry: carrying a load or a burden, carrying one’s Soul, like Sobek. Living an Enlightened Lifestyle is considered to be a burden by the uninitiated. And yet, by living as a khery, carrying this burden, one’s heart becomes purified until it is a pure light, as light as a feather. Filled with Maat and Love for the Divine, Love for the Self, Love for All as One.

Being a slave to the Divine and to the teachings is increasing my steadfastness, my discipline, it has cut out lots of unnecessary worldly activities. Or perhaps covid-19 has helped with this! LOL!! It seems like every time I turn around, there is something else to be done in/for the Temple, and so there is little time for anything else. This is not meant to be a complaint, just an observation. It is a lifestyle/vibration that I stepped into during the TSPN training.

“It is majestic to serve and be a slave of the divine which allows you to have divine vision.”

Ukheru mucous disease process. Inflammation.

It is like the opposite of Maakheru. Like Yuck Kheru! LOL!!
Once the Illusion has been poisoned, this will be the next step. When going through a major detox due to a health crisis, not a regular fast or cleanse for purification or maintenance, but when there is a condition of disease, once the fasting has begun, or herbal remedy has taken affect, It is often messy, painful. It signifies that something is imbalanced, and should lead one to take necessary steps for purification. When we take steps to breakdown the illusion, this Ukheru starts to ooze out until we reach a state of Maakheru. This could be triggers, compulsions, fetters, all kinds of toxins are released.

Khet n ankh
Nafu n ankh
Fire of Life
Breath of Life

see image for nafu n ankh

I am fascinated by the fact that the Breath of Life Contains the Sacred Words of Power.

Menchu, corrective

see image for menchu

Because it is in a passage about purifying the heart, Menchu Ab
corrective, curative.
Here is song for Maat Ab Purification: it contains the phrase Menchu, Mench Ab

Neter Djeser

see image for Neter Djeser

Exalted Divinity
Sublime Divinity opened his Mouth: Opened his consciousness…
I am interested in the term Djeser, Exalted, because I can utilize this in the vocabulary for one of my Astrology programs….


(Udja. it will not allow me to add another image, so fortunately, I was also unable to delete my test image above, which is for this term! Neter Djeser. There are no coincidences….
Dua Bastu Baket for helping me figure out why some of my answers were not getting posted: the links to certain images were not being accepted and so the entire post was missing. This has happened countless times… with no explanation in sight! LOL!! Today, I have attached the images, not certain where they will appear. Dua. Hotep)

adjective: exalted
(of a person or their rank or status) placed at a high or powerful level; held in high regard.”it had taken her years of hard infighting to reach her present exalted rank”
(of an idea) noble; lofty.”his exalted hopes of human progress”

in a state of extreme happiness.”I felt exalted and newly alive”

Dua. Hotep.
Shems Arit

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