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Shems Ahit Nebthet

Reading Assignment Lesson 8
Pg 91-106
1. Teachings of Aton Tradition are related to the Neter Aton.
2. Akhus are enlightened beings.
3. The goal of the Neterian discipline is to discover the meaning of Who Am I.
4. i. How should a spiritual aspirant thing about the diet of the initiates as espoused by the Temple of Aset and ii. is it a realistic goal to achieve?
i. The fact that this is titled “The Diet” it describes what an initiate must feed upon is the first thing that came to mind when beginning to read this section. After reading through the entire excerpt and the glossary these were the various things, I was able to reflect on.
1. Being an initiate of the temple of Aset, one’s sense of desiring for/yearning for something is to be directed to truth related to the Divine Nature and then to partaker of that nature itself – the Divine Nature. The instructions here is for the initiate to yearn and desire to become one with the Divine.
2. To devote all studying, questioning to acquiring holiness, and thinking about this, what makes one holy, being Godlike and in order to be Godlike one must have to come into the knowing of Self. So, one is to be devoted to seeking knowledge and understanding about the true Self
3. This type of work is considered to be a very high work as it is seen to be more religious (high order action) than any purification ritual or duty in the temple. Hence one of the most if not the most important duty of an initiate.
4. Talks about the mindset the initiate ought to have as well. One that is acceptable and can welcome the Goddess Aset, have a mind that true knowledge and wisdom can penetrate.
5. If the mind is not in a state to accept Aset, then ignorance of the Self, egoism, Set, is ruling, and in doing so, causes the degradation of the personality (chopping up of Asar).
6. I must also realize that this doctrine/way of life – yoga, builds perseverance and discipline over the body
7. One must remember that all of this hard work it is assist one with attaining spiritual evolution and enlightenment – having true knowledge of the Divine self/First and Chief Being.
8. “Is the object of understanding this mind” – Please elaborate on what this means.
9. This knowledge and understanding are with Aset, applying her wisdom will make this an experiential reality for the initiate.

ii. Is it a realistic goal to achieve: yes indeed it is In the Myth of Aset and RA, Aset demonstrates for us what the toiling and work actually looks like. One must also believe in their ability to attain this and to eliminate any inclination of doubt, yes its HARD WORK but it is most definitely possible because all the power is with in to attain what the will desires. Her instructions are to desire, covet and devote one’s life to seeking this union with Self mental, emotionally and physically.

5. You can have opinions about what it is like to be a whale but you would never exactly know until you become one with it.
You can have your opinion about what it maybe to like to be one with God but until one truly becomes on with nature, penetrate nature and the essence of life/creation/objects and all one will not be able to truly know what it feels like to be one with God.
6. This state of mind renders the individual incapable of concentrating on significant worldly or high spiritual achievements
7. Physical weight is like a physical object which is possessed.
8. The key to advancement in any area is steady, balanced practice.
Steady – consistent, never ceasing, and balance, not over doing it and not underdoing it. Integral Shedy practice for what ones personality and place in life’s journey can take.
9. If your family members are not interested or do not understand what you are trying to do, what should you do?
I must move practicing privately and keep interruptions at a minimum. I find that early mornings and late evenings work best for my situation for formal Shedy practice.