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Shems Ahit Nebthet

Audio Assignment Lesson 8 – What Is necessary for Spiritual Practice cont’d.
• What are the main teaching brought out in this?
• What are you currently implementing?
• If not, how will you implement what you are not now?
The audio in this lesson is a continuation of the previous lesson, #7. Sebai Maa continued to provide teaching on very important concepts to assist us who are engaging in or trying to develop a spiritual practice.
1. Reactionary form of life – this was described as a degraded state of being. When one is reactionary, their movement in life is full of agitation. A very true statement was made here, and something I spent some time observing within myself after listening to this, “when reactionary one can end up in a trance, over thrown with negativity.” However, he goes to say that a life of yoga, reflection and meditation prevents this from happening.
How being implemented
After increasing my awareness of my tendency to fall into a trance of negativity, I took a step back and began to analyze why I was getting into this state. My thoughts, how I perceived what the person I was interacting with said or did. My perception ignited a negative emotion and once that happened game over. So, to begin to correct that, I noticed the pattern in what emotion I would revert to, and it was either anger or sadness. To help me refrain from doing that and be less agitated, I began to implement some things from my tool box of MAAT. I understand who I really am but at times, don’t have the right ruler on the throne, so I had to seriously put the teachings into play (in my dramatic play). I did this by remembering a few precept – Not to overwhelm myself with anguish, not to cultivate anger. I would chant these, sing these daily and get it engrained in my mind. I began to find that I would talk to this person with more love, in a more gentle manner despite what they did or said, in the beginning it was hard because the feeling would literally feel like it wanted to burst out of me, but I knew that it was just a feeling and if I gave into it, game over so I worked hard to tolerate those uncomfortable feelings and then I began to noticed a calm as I breathed and released deeply. At times I found that I would tune the person out for a moment and chant the precepts to keep my mind focused on staying in a controlled state. After doing this several times, I noticed the communication patterns significantly changing to the point where we are able to talk, listen and understand each other and not be so quick to have a negative perception about what was being said because I would jump to a conclusion/assumptions (based on deeper issues that I have resolved related to judgements about myself that would be triggered) rather than listen. It really does result in more peace within being in control of emotions. I now find my self not emoting anymore, I just focus on getting a job/task done, only give and say what is needed, think about what I need to think about because nothing else really matters it just puts me in the trance of not being conscious of my True Self, hence out of control (3rd center being out balance).
2. Another point made was one must transcend go beyond, develop understanding, “why did I get into this … .” get to the source, egoism, personal desires (source) begin to purify, eradicate and let go. The person who did it is not the real me, the puppet analogy was shared to provide a visual to help understand this concept.
How being implemented
After realizing how reactionary I was, despite having this knowledge of the Divine, I was not able to truly exercise it due to my ego getting into the way. I found that thoughts, emotions generated impacted my actions which caused more negative impressions because I would remember and then it would agitate me again. So, then I understood the importance of “letting go.” Before I thought how do I truly let these things go that are buried so deep after being guided by SD to do so on several occasions, I would have thoughts like, how, I can cut memories out of my brain. And I must admit it has been difficult. But with more wisdom, understand and practice it gets easier. When I started to express my concern after a negative emotion was triggered and let go of the situation so that I did not have memories that could upset me because I resolved it, I was told I may be Bipolar, LOL. it did not upset me it just proved to me that it was working, I would not allow my self to cultivate and hold onto a negative emotion longer than I needed to. When I got better at this, not emoting just being, I truly have been experiencing more peace. The other piece I implemented was seeing my physical being as the puppet and Nebedjer as the controller. So, I begin to ask myself when thoughts and feelings arise, is this of Nebedjer or my physical, the answer was always my physical. Then I learned why it was so important again for MAAT because abiding by MAAT one allows The Divine’s desires to manifest so if my thought or emotions did not align with the virtues/precepts of Maat I would not do it. I am still implementing this now and it is helping me tremendously deal with family drama, deaths, conflict in marriage, etc in a more effective manner because I am learning how to be detached from my emotions and thoughts. I find that it is truly one thing to say these things and do, it takes work, mindfulness and patient and of course love.
3. Another important point related to the misconception related to speaking only the truth – Truth should be used in a manner that brings a greater good not to hurt people (egoistic, cause impressions of negative agitation of the mind). The example given was of a Yogi who told the truth, got someone killed and now has the burden of it. “Don’t tell truth just to hurt another, this is egotistical, this will leave an impression of the ego in the mind (clouds that prevent one from understanding higher truth). “Truth should not be spoke in situations that will lead to adversity. One must learn to understand the higher good.”
How being implemented
This one was a challenge because I never saw it from this perspective. I always found myself to be a warrior for justice and peace when I was younger and when I would see or hear others doing wrong to others, I would tell so that he or she would be disciplined instead of talking to the person about it. Of course, I was young and wanted to see the person feel what they inflicted on others. I learned that this is not right because it caused harm to another person, (and that’s not my place because the necessary device has already been placed in creation to take care of that – Meskhanet – Karma). After listening to this lecture, I was tested the same day and several times with in the week by family members. The test allowed me to see my ego (what I desire from my family and the hurt I felt when I did not receive it), I observe the urge to want to express these feelings and then right after leave the group chat. But because of the work I have been doing (stated above) I quickly saw that for what it was, my Ariu (past hurts from family making me feel inadequate and less than, and it was triggered), saw it, and then, let it go because it was not or has nothing to do with ME. Then the thought came to my mind if you are to ever do that, knowing your family member, your will cause them to begin to think and feel negatively so I choose not to say anything and remained in the group chat only commenting on things that need commenting on. IT was so liberating to see how I allow myself to follow that voice and the peace I felt, the happiness I felt to be able to overcome those feelings that have hunted me for most of my life in a split second. So I live by this truth now, what I speak must result in a greater good, if it does not, it has no business leaving my mouth.
4. Another important teaching related to what one should focus on between one’s actions and the fruit of ones actions. SM mentioned that, “you want to do things to the best of your ability, focus on the action not the fruit.” It is not yogic if looking for return. Do not need approval because God, is the doer I am just the vessel and as long as my ego is in check, I will receive Sa Ankh something that no other person can give but this what I work for now, God’s grace, love and life.
How being implemented
I have been able to implement this by reminding myself to not do anything with conditions. If I do something do it to the best of my ability with love and truth in my mind and heart about Who I AM and Who is doing the work and take my egotistical feelings out of it. IF I can just do, If I can’t, I can’t. I am not better if I do or if I don’t. I do not need anyone’s approval because I know what is in my heart, love for all and that’s all I want to share and hold on to in my heart and mind.

5. Spiritual practice should be regular/consistent, begin to be something you grow into and begin to rely on it. Daily. High advance, formal and informal, Formal should carry over in informal, when on job remember the teaching reflecting on them, applying them in day to day life. In short time, one will observe growth, expand and have spiritual evolution. Spiritual gatherings help with this. When you get caught don’t let it take you down, come right back redirect spirt, forgive, pick self-up, etc. Child does not stay crawling forever. Believe in the words of the teaching, you will over time with the correct understanding and practice grow. Focus allows you to do everything in life, downfall comes as a result pf distraction, agitation, impurities of the mind vices.
How being implemented
I have come to witness the truth in these teachings. As I reflect upon my journey on the path, I can recall my ups and downs due to moving to different states and since I have been settled in GA I have the opportunity to focus on developing my spiritual practice. I am the type of person that has an active mind, I am a thinker, planner, creative type person and I have found a shift in my mental state over the span of time I have been in the teachings as a result of my practice. I engage in Shedy multiple times daily. I notice that my thoughts are consumed with chants throughout the day, when I notice an inclination/increase in emotional expression or sensations my mind goes to the precepts, or the proverb for the day and if I missed reading it due to reading something else for the day, I reflect on what I read because for some reason it is what I needed to help with the situation that arose later in the day. I also reflect on my oneness with Nebedjer if its an emergency/immediate resistant response I am needing. I am determined to stay positive, and light. I apply the teachings by making the conscious effort to be in control of myself in every way I can, this has been a struggle for me as I came to realize that I like to control things in my life. After realizing what this meant (Centers 1, 2 and 3 being off balance), I focused on what happens within myself and intensely focus to ensure that what I produce is positive having no fears or worries or attachments.

6. SD discussed a very important point, relating to having the attitude that I have not lived my life yet; I can definitely say have passed through my mind before I got on the path of seeking to know Who I am and Who God is. I use to think (because of what church taught me) you have to be a certain way to be able to have a relationship with God and because this call came at a very young age for me 19/20, so many other pressures were present (just entering into college, just getting my wings because I was so sheltered), I battled within myself. But once I got the point of caring more about my relationship with God, certain desires went away immediately because my mind was no longer occupied with such things.
How is it being implemented
This is something I do continue to remind myself of, I have so much ariu to work through, I will see flaws along the way (as mentioned above when I started doing the work, hence the purpose of the work). It does not mean that I am not worthy of this relationship, cultivating this relationship make me my ideal self. I can not put off my self-development just to satisfy urges, desires, thoughts, feelings, etc. They are just things I ought to be aware of but not to kill myself to satisfy.
Lastly my favorite saying in this lecture was, “The path of peace is peace the path of joy is joy. No matter how adverse it is, ignore the agitation, let it go. The minute you catch your self let it go, this is enlightenment” – when you notice, mindfulness of your Divine Essence, do not be reactionary and live by truth, and do/speak only for a greater truth. HTP