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Level 1 Lesson 4 Video Intro to SN by Dja- 2008 part 1.
Kemetic teachings must be lived and not just for discussion on an intellectual level.
A sacred place is needed for human beings when they become involved in the world, and forget their true nature, which are immortal gods and goddesses
Setjert is a remedy to clear a dull mind of a person who has become lost in the world of illusions and forgotten their true identity as gods and goddesses. Setjert menu consist of blood which is intoxication with worldly desires thinking that we are the body. Beer which is intoxications with worldly pleasures, thinking that worldly actions will bring you happiness, and mandrake which is the intoxication with the souls of Ra .
The temple or het is a place to be relieved from the pressures of the world , and become aware of the higher self and turn away from umt – ab mental dullness due to khemn- ignorance and lead to nehast resurrection a spiritual awakening . We are the eye of Ra that needs to be healed and this can be accomplished through a sacred space.
Shetaut Neter is the earliest documented term for religion. Shetaut means hidden, secret and neter means divinity. Shetaut Neter is the teachings about the hidden divinity (The supreme being )which is recorded in ancient kemetic writings.
True African Religion has been written down codified and has three stages which are matnu = myth, legends, proverbs and story telling. Aru = Ritual and mysticism: Shetaut Neter.
Shetaut Neter Religion was practice about 10,000 BC and it has influenced all the major religions of the world.
Shemsu Neter means followers of neter . Those who follow the spiritual path of shetaut neter are called neterains and believe in the four great truths and the neterian creed. Our teachings guide us to the purpose of all human life which is to achieve a state of consciousness apart from bodily concerns.
The human personality have four aspects which are the emotional aspect , your action, will power and reason, which needs to be purified and spiritualize in an integral holistic process of the personalities through the four main shedy disciplines . For emotions devotional love, reason – through wisdom, action through righteousness and virtue, and the will through meditation.
What impressed me the most is how the Sema institute created a virtual sacred space to guide us to achieve a state of self-consciousness. Dua Sebai Ma Dua Sebai Dja.

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