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DjedefHor Anpu

There were several things that were important as well as informative in this lesson. I did not know the offering as well as chants were spoken four times indicating north south east and west. Another thing that was very informative was the three levels of the temple. The first level is the outer teaching. It is the level for mortals. It is also the level where the teaching may interest a person. The second level is four initiates. It is where the chants, rituals and prayers are conducted. The last level is for high philosophy. Could these three levels be equivalent to the three levels of religion myth,ritual and mystical?

Another important discussion was the topic on the pursuit of happiness. Many people including myself seek happiness in the worldy possessions or relationships (need mandrakes). Although, we know they are not permanent and are only an illusion we continue to seek after them. There needs to be a solution to end the desire for the world and live a life of contentment. This is where I believe the Great Truths will be beneficial to my life. Understanding that the Neberjer is the oneness behind all and is permanent will help me to seek after this particular truth. Knowing that the lack of righteousness will bring fetters to my personality and these fetters will cause me to be ignorant of the divine will keep me on the right path. If I want to be free from the fetters of Set I must practice shedy. If I practice shedy, it will lead me to a understanding of knowing myself as well as the Divine. Then I will be able to say that I am Maakheru.