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DjedefHor Anpu


This was a good lesson for any aspirant. This was valuable information that taught the aspirant how to approach the teacher and the proper relationship to have with your teacher. You should approach the preceptor with humility and not insolently. As soon as the authentic teacher hears arrogance, conceit, self-importance, vanity, snobbishness, etc., their lips close and the flow if the enlightening stream of the river to enlightenment ceases to flow towards you. One of the ways many students disrespect the teacher is by thinking they know more than the teacher. Students think they learn enough to be the teacher and the humility goes out of the window.

Another point that was well argued in the reading was the importance of the aspirant paying their dues. The reading states, “Aspirants should take care to pay their dues. This means that at no time should they allow themselves to believe that they have achieved anything on their own or without the assistance of mentors and teachers. There are many unrighteous writers who take the writings of others and give no credit to them and even act as if they themselves wrote the information.” I think this is a major issue with students, especially when comes to sermons. Many preachers read commentaries and regurgitate the information as if it was their own. The ego wants to impress the congregation by making them believe the preacher has received some special revelation from God.