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Bastu Baket

Sage Amenemopet Lesson 1A Feedback for Unut Un Shen Post #20641 – 07-06-2020

Dua Unut Un Shen for your Nefer summary. Your statement, “We must conclude that the mind is limited. It calls objects in the world of space and time by names; there, the mind fools itself into thinking it knows.” This brought out that these teachings allow us to understand the “Hidden” so that we may not get fooled but may truly know through the organization of our ethical life based on the wisdom and truth of the teachings.

A strong point that I appreciated was “A person that bases their ethics on impure ego is going to be a heated person.” We know from Sage Amenemopet teachings that the opposite of the heated person is “Ger” = the silent, cool personality. These are my reflections. Which do you prefer to be? How do you move towards that? Sebai Maa and Seba Dja have shared using the integral Shedy disciplines, study of the teachings, staying close to the Neteru, and Knumt Nefer. All of these helps to purify the personality so the capacity to view the Hidden is made more attainable. Sound advice that we should heed.

The theme I felt you emphasized was we are to KNOW Neberdjer, indeed let us begin to identify with that Absolute Source.

Bastu Baket