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DjedefHor Anpu

Lesson 16 reading assignment. Pages 35-50

There were several things that I considered to be very important. The first was the importance of keeping wise company. According to the reading, the association with Sages and Saints is seen as a primary way to accelerate the spiritual development of the aspirant. This is possible because it is the nature of the mind to imitate that which it is focused on.

I know this is true because of my own experiences. Recently, with all the racial division in our country, I found myself on Facebook responding to the negative comments that were being made by white people. This was because my mind was focused on the comments. I made a decision to get off of Facebook and continue the practice of shedy. Now that I am focused on spiritual things I am imitating the gods and goddesses.

The second thing that I found important was a disciple must practice the teachings of their spiritual preceptor. If the disciple does not practice the teachings there will be no spiritual development. The teacher cannot force the disciple to accept something that the disciple is not ready to learn. “The lips of Wisdom are closed, Except to the ears of Understanding.”

The most profound statement made in the reading was a true teacher is one who lives the teaching. I pastored a Christian church for approximately 18 years. I have spent a lot of time around pastors. The one thing that always horrified me was the lackadaisical approach to the importance of living the teaching. The attitude was the one my father displayed when I was a child do as I say, and not as I do.