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Asar Maat E

Udja –
Dua for the Nefer reflection Unut Un Shen covering a breath of the topics discussed in the Amenemenope Lecture 1A. Your reflection was well written and nicely elaborated on the points made by Sebai.

You mentioned verse 9 which discussed how to move the heart forward with positive movement (as opposed to backwards) towards entering one’s own Kara (Divine shrine/sanctuary of Divinity within) and verse 10, regarding rejection of the Divine within our heart, as a form of turning away from the Spirit essence of the Divine within us and within our own personality. These verses have particular psycho-spiritual relevance as related to work as a mental health and spiritual counselor. In Verse 9 the process of entering one’s own Kara could be analogous to directing someone seeking to become a qualified Sebait in counseling, towards integral shedy and behaviors that reflect mental health or optimal functioning. The counsel could be to seek the divine within as the essence of one’s personality verses acts that reflect turning away from the Kara (sanctuary of Divinity within) like pursuing negative relationships, having children, engaging in self-harming behavior, poor diet or lack of self-care.
I find these ancient teachings to have such profound enduring relevance over the course of time and applicability to supporting the readiness of Sebait-students in training to normalize and receive higher teachings.
Dua Sebai Maa for bring forth this translation.

Dua Htp
Asar Maat