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Phoenix Hetep MAAT

Lesson 30 Video Assignment- Kemetic Diet Class Parts 4, 5 & 6
– List the important themes presented
o The body belongs to earth, the Soul belongs to Heaven
o We are transcendental, we exist beyond our body
o Eating foods that elevate will elevate you. Eating foods that are degrading will degrade you
o The food for the soul is nourished by the cosmos (Gods/Goddesses)
o Leading ourselves to righteous thinking when it comes to our Health
o We are to become like the star constellations that are unmovable on our Spiritual path
o How do you lose Vitality? (Named a few mentioned)
 Agitation of the mind
 Not having a sense of Oneness with all things (The 3 Forgetfulness- All is Divine, all objects/people/existence in time & space is Divine, I am Divine.)
 Overeating/Oversleeping
 Strenuous force
All can be handled by dietary lifestyle changes (mind, body, soul)
o Aliments of the Mind and their remedies
 Anger- Engage in forgiveness and Understanding
 Hatred- Understanding Selfless Love
 Greed- Being Generous and unselfish
 Lust- Engage in purity and self-control/ sex sublimation
 Envy/Jealousy- Learn to have satisfaction with what God has given you
 Discontent- learn to be content, not comparing yourself to others
 Boredom- learn to act with righteousness and to be motivated to have a devotion of purpose
 Pride- practice humility
o Supplements for the body- if needed should be vegetarian/vegan as well. They can be implemented to help your diet
o Cleansing of the mind, body, & soul needs to be a gradual process
o The inner life force allows you to experience higher consciousness
o Another aspect of health is our karmic basis (aryu)
 Righteous living leads to creating righteous aryu and that promotes Health for the body, mind, and soul.

– Explain what impressed you most in this presentation
o The aliments of the mind and their remedies resonated with me because it provides counteractive Maatian tools to implement for eradicating the lower setian forces with Heru forces (So to be free from the fetters of Set, one must be free from the afflictions of Set). Doing this allows one to successfully cleanse negative aryu with the positive, then overtime lead to detachment of aryu altogether (because they are illusory as well). Elevating you closer to complete purification of the mind, body, and soul so that enlightenment can be obtained.