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Bastu Baket

BEING POSTED ON BEHALF OF SEBAI MAA FEEDBACK FOR POST #20481 & 2. ARIT’S QUESTION 06-30-2020 CHAT MTG. THEME: Etheocracy, Etheocracy defined, Etheocracy explained, Etheocracy versus Barbarism, Prt m Hru chapter 125 overview, 3 fundamental needs of human beings, spiritual psychology of American international aggression, Moral Relativism, Fraud of American supremacy, Kemetic social order, Golden age of Ancient Egypt, Kemetic Revival Dynastic era, Kemetic downfall conditions, imposition of neocolonialism on African spirituality, marriage and spiritual life, relationships and positive spiritual movement, mystic plan of good (righteousness, rightness) and evil (unrighteousness, wrongness), implications of duality, ari as basis of sexuality, mind and desire, medical industrial corporatocracy, negative influence of power elite on human wellness, politics of corruption, corruption in modern medicine, threats to personal sovereignty, ariu complexity and the desire for medical practice, delusion of wealth, practicalities in holistic medicine, pragmatism in allopathic medicine, pragmatic view of allopathic medicine, ariu and death



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