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Bastu Yashi


Ra is very subtle, so much so that the neteru do not know his name. This is highly relevant, he is the effective cause of the elements – they are projected through creation, which has become nonchalant, symbolizing the ego mind when engaging in time and space distraction. Sebai reiterates that anything conceptualized/thought (coming from mind) is ego speaking, as Set pushed Asar off of the throne. As such, the initiate is to master the art of filtering the thoughts.

Neberdjer is the underlying cause, which allows the effective cause to operate. The initiate is to go after the effective, and then the underlying cause, using the Asetian wisdom formula.

Madjed: Wisdom’s insistence despite egoistic dissuasion. Relentlessness is key to continue the inquiry. This is an nemu nemu, applied to self. Sebai notes Madjed is to be done unequivocally, in affirming the desire to experience the true name.

When distracted by names/forms, we are unable to see the underlying essence, but instead remain emotionally and conceptually deluded.

Mysteries of Fire

Tjez is the tying of elements together such has Hydrogen, the initial element which was compressed into others facilitating physical objects. Hydrogen also composes the same sun and fire which wisdom collects in its emanated cooler aspect, bolstering the life force. Aset similarly employs fire in the Asarian resurrection which she placed the Syrian prince into in her attempt to immortalize him. As such, fire subtly burns away ignorance leaving the Akhu, which shines light on the soul. Sebai notes that being childlike or childish alludes to delusional compulsions which disallow divine wisdom healing.

Divine Wisdom, Serpent Power Mysteries

The serpent symbolizes life force dynamism, the piercing of egoism, leading of the soul to divine consciousness. This is riding of the serpent power, which entails quintessential wisdom and mental poise.

Mental Cleansing, Energy Consolidation, Taffy Shepsy

Cooling entails calming the mind in preparation for dwelling with the Goddess. Refraining from media, interactions, food and exercise two hours prior to meditating is recommended, also wearing loose clothing. Limit agitation, including not imposing time limits one’s practice. Aromatherapy may include lotus, which stimulates the thalamus.
Heat is applied astrally, to awaken the serpent; this is the conscious awareness employing the life force, building the taffy shepsy. This cultivation of life force facilitates increasing levels of conscious awareness, thereby transforming the self from an egoistic, to serpentine state. Engaging in this process with Khak ab, Antet begag, An chen, An nemu nemu is recommended to develop the taffy shepsy and break delusional chains. This assists to transform egoistic delusion to the shining spirit state.

The goal is energy consolidation, integrated movement, vibrating on the higher while being able to attend to necessities on the lower. The crescent moon symbolizes increased intellect and willpower, which gives rise to the life of soul. This process facilitates the development of the serpent which rises, allowing one to traverse into creation and strike at the disillusion thereof; this is the purpose of the taffy shepsy.

Coals symbolize the mixing of the spiritual with the physical; the spittle of Ra is life force experienced, especially in the Tem stage. This includes cosmic energies beyond the sun, including the Nun (dark matter). One is to consolidate this energy and direct awareness to discern what lies beyond the mental motion/feelings/hormones, etc. Sebai Maa notes that underneath all motion is absolute non-motion.

Amun, Ra, Ptah: Witness, Mind, Physical Awareness.

Internal objects: physical and astral awareness.
External objects: awareness of possessions.

Sebai Maa notes that the Amun state exists beyond the mind – once one stops mental operations, one still exists. One is not their mind, and ultimately does not need the mind to exist. Therefore, ultimately, the witnessing level of illusory consciousness is also to be transcended.

Remarkable, Impactful Aspects

I appreciated learning more of the preparatory and practical aspects of applying this meditative process, and the related mystical benefit. Attaining watchfulness of the mental vibrations and related behaviors both during meditation and while engaging in time and space responsibilities is a practice I continue to develop. Additionally, I value the importance of remaining Madjed, both in formal and informal practices.
As my meditative process continues to develop, I feel increasingly closer to the divine essence in all. In striving to go beyond names/forms during meditation, I will continue to consolidate energies, to further vibrate on the higher while tending my responsibilities on the lower. I will increase my formal and informal practice unequivocally, with Antet begag, An chen, An nemu nemu, developing Saa rech, to experience the divine name in this lifetime! Dua htp.

Bastu Yashi