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Dorlene Dowl

A. Notes

Video Intro to the Egyptian Book Series London 2015

This is an overview of literature written by Dr. M A
The books recommended to read initially are the following: Egyptian Yoga, Egyptian Mysteries, and The African Origins.

All religions have 3 aspects: Myth, Ritual, and Mysticism

Shetuat Neter – Egyptian Mysteries or Mysteries of the Supreme Being, is a religious path, & teaches about the all-encompassing Divinity, Neberjder. And from Neberjder the Neteru come the gods and goddesses, & the entire universe.

Smai Tawi (union of the north and south, or union of the upper and lower consciousness, and/or the union of the upper and lower self) or Egyptian Yoga is based on the Shetuat Neter and is an aspect of the Egyptian Yoga Philosophy.

There are 4 aspects to this philosophy: ethical consciousness, will, feelings and emotions, and the intellect.

Shetuat Neter can be accessed through study and practice of the Asarian Tradition and the Prt m m Hru, devotion ( giving oneself fully to listening, studying, meditating and reflecting) and to teachings of Aset (Goddess and divine intuition wisdom) and following Ma’at ( goddess and practical ethical consciousness). The Mysteries can also be access by endeavoring in to devotion the other Gods and Goddesses.

Devotion to Ma’at purifies the ethical consciousness. Ma’at has both secular (foundation of spiritual culture/society, e.g. legal system, institutions/govt) and non-secular (mysticism, and metaphysic) implications. Ma’at gives us the precepts (42) which are guidance/guidelines for daily living.

Devotion to Aset purifies the intellect.

Every movement outside of meditation is informal spiritual practice.

A Purified Heart (mind), Feelings, Intellect leads to positive Ari, which leads to lucidity- the awareness of aspects of the higher personality.

There are 9 aspects to the personality, most of us function out of the lower 3. The goal of life is to function out of the upper 6 as well.

Just like the RA (sun) there are 3 phases to devotion: morning , noon and evening.
In the practical sense devotion is performed at these times to “reset” our working, daily-life -moment to moment to be consciously working thru/ back/with/ towards the Divine.
This practice of devotion helps to purify the mind and get rid of the dullness of interacting with the material world.

Sema Tawi—is a physical posture system. The system has different levels: a physical level (workout/ the postures,) a mythical/ritual level, and a meditative level. There are 5 phases: Creation, the Earth, Transition, the Higher Self, and Establishment.
Another Discipline is the Serpent Power ( known as tantric in other philosophies).

Ma’at, Virtues- ethical consciousness is living according to Ma’at, the personification and the foundation of spiritual life. Living, acting/behaving with Ma’at allows a spiritual aspirant purity of heart so one can have the higher understanding of the mysteries of the supreme, divinity, of life.

The ultimate goal is not to be attached to any outcome of material life.

All the practices within Shetuat Neter are a gateway to/for transcendence.

THE MYTH of Asar Aset Heru:
In the story, Heru, Divine son of Asar (RA) and Aset does battle with Set (brother of Asar, and uncle of Heru) (ego, lower self). Asar is killed by Set earlier in the story and Aset resurrects him with divine wisdom, and begets Heru.
Symbolically, Asar is our soul, and Aset is our own divine wisdom that has come to revive/resurrect the soul. Heru is our aspiration, our redeemer, the one within us who takes out Set -the lower self (the ego personalities from the throne of our lives). And when this happens Enlightenment or Nehast is achieved.

Heru is not the opposite of Set. Aset is the opposite of Set. Set is ignorance of the Divine Self while Aset is intuitional wisdom or intellect of the Divine Self.

The Asarian Myth is loaded with symbolism, mystic nuances, direct messages, and hidden meanings. The story of Asar, Aset , Heru and Set is Mystic Psychology.

The Discussion of Ari and Ariu was short and this is what I understood about the concepts from the video and my independent reading so far:

Ari is the negative or positive action(s) perform in the world by the aspirant. Ariu is the negative or positive residue (within the unconsciousness and consciousness) -the consequence of any action performed intentionally or unintentionally.
Ariu not only develops from this current lifetime, but is a build-up of actions from many lifetimes.
Your Ari leads one to certain situations and creates Ariu. Ariu can be cleanse and purified by sheddy, and acting with Ma’at.

The goal is to be in balance in action, thought and deed. This creates peace and harmony, less agitation.

Dr. Muata A also discussed the Kemetic Diet Book. The kemetic diet is a lifestyle that encompasses spiritual living, which is higher aspiration in mind, physical body, and soul.

Video Intro to Ancient African Civilization

The purpose and importance of knowing the culture one is prescribing to-

Culture gives one a “window” or a perspective of the world. Culture provides on with a worldview. It includes customs, beliefs, and language.

Culture/Society has three important aspects. Those are civilization, religion and philosophy. These allow a culture or society to function. Philosophy dictates what culture and society look like and culture dictates how ppl behave within a civilization (institutions, systems, communities, etc.)

Judeo Christian culture, the current dominant culture is patriarchal, heavily sided/driven on what is supposed to be the male aspect of duality.

African culture was/is inherently balanced, meaning it was based on the understanding that both male and female are fundamental aspects of life.

All humans are descendants of Africans, and race is a construct/concept made up and imposed by one culture to control and oppress another culture. All human is related, we are all one human family.

Each/ all humans have the underlying capacity to desire to know: who am I ? What is my purpose for life? Why am I here?

All religious myths are dedicated to helping humans figure this out, or re-cover this knowledge, and to remember who we really are beyond culture.

The oldest human monument is the sphinx (10,500BC) or Herumakhet. The sphinx has the body of a lion and head of a human. This symbolizes someone who has mastered their lower nature with higher nature, intellect. There was a serpent on the forehead of the sphinx, which symbolizes spiritual consciousness attainment or enlightenment.

High culture in Ancient Kemet/Egypt began in 10,500 BC and lasted to 30BC when Christianity culture began to emerge.

All modern cultures draw from Ancient Kemetic culture. All roads lead back to Kemet.

B. Thoughts:

I have always felt and sensed that there is MUCH “off” in the world. Many points in my life I felt and forced myself to fit into the mainstream culture. The explanation of culture shed like on this feeling.

C: Questions:

What is the best way to approach Shetuat Neter?

My sense is to first approach being guided by the things I’m most attracted to: meditation, making art, studying, being of service to others. And incorporating (studying, reading, reflecting and devoting my meditation time) the goddess/concepts of Ma’at. I feel most engendered to -into these practices.
For instances, painting pictures of Ma’at and her symbols, meditating on the precepts, envisioning myself as one with Ma’at, and chanting to/with Ma’at.

Working with the precepts every day, in very practical applications- putting a principle up on the frig to have in the line of sight weekly; Reading about Ma’at in various texts. And incorporating the percepts into my work with others (counseling).

Is solely focusing on one deity an appropriate path? It all seems overwhelming at times.