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Bastu Yashi

Ra (Neter Neterty) is not to be understood as dual, but the essence of Ra going beyond the time and space expression. This is the transcendental aspect, which enlivens and sustains the tats via the breath of life, and life fire.

Ra’s being disillusioned regarding being bitten can be compared to an individual who is in the intensity of emotional enmeshment in time and space delusions, when one, “cannot tell anyone anything.” They cannot be calmed down at this point due to auric enmeshment. Ra is most vulnerable during the Tem stage when one is actually viewing a reflection of the sun.

Aset tracked norms of Ra, knowing his weakest point/time. In his nonchalance, Aset targeted her focus and sekhem. As Ra passed through duality (Akhet mountains), her one-pointed harpoon (attention/devotion) remained focused on piercing his nondual aspect.

As Ra is stricken, he calls he neteru back to himself. Creation is not sustained; it starts to fall. The dispassion and detachment of one pointed intuitional wisdom has successfully sought and discovered the individuated aspect of divine consciousness, the source of the nondual Neter.

Sebai Maa notes that the initiate is to break down illusory, egoistic notions of self, which stand in the way of one being like Ra. Divine wisdom pursued the source of all, rather than its emanations. The mind was calmed, focused, one pointed, without stopping.

Neteru (elements) are reflections of the source, projected into undifferentiated consciousness (Nun). This is reversing consciousness to the source – calming of the mind is prerequisite. A stormy mind creates a stormy existence. One is caught in illusory reflections/projections due to lack of awareness of abiding reality. With clarity, it is understood that the ashatu (projections) are all illusory.

Lady of Storms
The struggle for divine wisdom is with egoism. This is nesheny (storminess of mind). Divine wisdom is to be cultivated and then employed to nesheny, eventually facilitating realization of the divine source of all. This cultivation of mental nemu nemu is accomplished via reflecting – moving towards the source of the reflection, and thereby realizing the oneness therewith.

Imprisonment of Aset

Egoism imprisons the higher intuitional self. Wisdom is liberated via intellectual development, entailing intense study, with clarity being the ultimate goal. Self-development and direction results, clearing unconscious distractions, nesheny.

Ra feels hot/cold, he shudders, he calls out to his internal elements; sense awareness/es (neteru) are retracted. Divine wisdom invokes hekau of restoration, the creation is unclogged, unobstructed, allowed restore/expand. This is the poisoning of time and space delusion via divine wisdom: khak ab, antet begag and Saa rech.

Sebai Maa reiterates Aset has integrated a portion of her personality with the spittle of spirit (Ra Tem), which is not discernable to Ra. This is due to consciousness being unable to know itself via mental operations – it must be intuitionally experienced. Therefore, ego must release time and space identification to experience the highest self. Nehast is seated in intuitional wisdom – unmoving existence. This is stable enlightenment. The initiate is to discover this level and remain stable therein.

    Heh yen Ab:

A search of the mind, asking, “Who am I?” This is the relentless pursuit of mental calm, reintegration of the personality, rather than disintegration into mental storms. Knowing self is the Akhu experience of Neberdjer. Intuitional wisdom has birthed the Akhu. This again remains the goal of the initiate, which will be experienced in this lifetime!


I feel even more at one with the teachings, after having completed the course, and subsequently participating in the weekly Ushet and related discussions/Uashu. This has contributed to the further development of my formal/informal Shedy. Further, participating in this lesson has reiterated the importance of maintaining antet begag, an chen, an nemu nemu in related actions promoting “Dwelling with the Goddess.”
Insights: Dwelling with the Goddess remains key to healing all ariu which stand between self and divine actualization in this lifetime.

    Meditative Growth, Thoughts:

Since completing the course, I have integrated the TOA meditation into my daily regimen and have noticed increased mental calm in the face of time and space challenges.


I will develop constancy in my Tem meditative practice, visualizing life force dwelling in my personality/aura, to have less energetic squandering and to build the Ka and Sekhem bodies. I will store the sekhem and develop my intuitive capacity, integrating divine wisdom. Dua for reading, htp.

Bastu Yashi