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Phoenix Hetep MAAT


Lesson 30 Audio Assignment (Introduction to Kemetic Diet Track 2)
1. What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words.
– Human beings do not need meat with regards to protein in order to survive
– Juicing veggies allows you to receive the essential nutrients from them
– We are Spiritual beings having a human experience
o The True Essence of our being is Divine. Having identified with the egoistic personality, ignorance creates dullness in the mind & a large part of humanity sees themselves separate/individual from all things.
Our human experience allows us to rediscover our True Identity when an effective, integral Spiritual Path towards Universal Consciousness is followed. One elevates to the highest Knowledge of Self- this can be cultivated even while alive in time and space.
“Experience the temporal from the vantage point of the eternal, not for getting lost in the out of control spectacle. “– SMAA
– Eat foods related to your True Culture, the Higher Culture of Spirit
– The Art of Fasting is to be practiced naturally /integrally
o Body- (weekly, daily, monthly) intermittent and/or whole day fasting from foods. Allowing the body to fast from materialistic/cosmetic desires as well (ex. Shopping, exercising)
o Mind- (weekly, daily, monthly) intermittent and/or whole day fasting from activities that feed the mind worldly desires that can create mental dullness (ex. Tv, phone, friends)
o Soul- comes through the concentration on the spiritual teachings (while fasting for the body and mind) which leads to practice of Meditation
– Foods should be coming from a green source for the body
o Food for the mind- spiritual knowledge that leads you to expansion – towards enlightenment
o Food for the Soul- The Shedy teachings, practices, The Neteru, MAAT, Meditation
– Practical – being in spaces and aligning activities that are in harmony with your diet for the body, mind, and soul.
– If your Soul is suffering, the mind and body will suffer as well.
2. Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the lecture? If so, which ones?
Yes, I am.
My Holistic diet of choice is the Kemetic Diet. Everyday I choose to implement the practices when it comes to health for the Soul, Mind, and Body to the best of my current abilities.
I continue to work towards cultivating the art of Fasting as mentioned above. What I am finding most important to cultivate is purifying the soul/mind, because this is where poor Health starts! My awareness of the ego personality and the importance in detaching from it, as well as purifying my aryu by applying the teachings of MAAT, speaking, acting, thinking and envisioning as the Divine Self continues to increase in degrees.
The teachings given, through my Preceptors and the Knowledge of the Gods/Goddesses are starting to become not only intellectual understanding, but experiential in degrees as well.
Dua Neter-Neteru!!