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1.African culture cannot be fully understood without understanding Kemetic culture. Trying to understand Kemetic culture without understanding its’ relationship to the rest of African culture is like placing a Pyramid on its’ Summit and expecting it to stay upright. Kemetic culture is the flowering of African Culture.
The first modern homo sapiens originated around the area of Uganda around 150,000 BC. These early human beings migrated from southern Africa to all of Africa and to different parts of the world. Geographical evidence states the Sphinx was in existence around 10,000 BC. The Egyptian Priest Manetho however stated that Kemetic culture began around 3600 BC. The development that occurred between Kemet and Kush is an example of concurrent development. Even though Kemet credits Kush for some of its’ cultural expressions, both cultures developed concurrently throughout some of Kemet’s history. An example of stagnant development is found between the ancient cities of what is now Uganda and Kemet. Stagnation in the Uganda area occurred because of abundance in that area. Where there is abundance there is no necessity to develop high technology. Independent development occurred between Kemet and India, and Kemet and the Dogon and Yoruba cultures. These cultures developed after the fall of Kemet. They evolved from Kemetic cultural expressions to include their own cultural expressions. Dependent development occurred between Kemet and Greece.

2.Spiritual consciousness must be paramount in a society because spiritual consciousness dictates the ethics of a society. If the spiritual consciousness of a society is debased, the ethics will also be debased.

3.There are three ways of knowing the truth. A. you were taught B. you believe it to be true C. you have experience of it

4.What objective standard do we have to say spiritual awareness is best? My answer- spiritual awareness asks that we become as much as possible, our God- like self. God is the ultimate expression of who we can be, therefore, to aspire to our God-like self is to be our best self. Spiritual awareness should create as much as possible a civilization, where the three needs of every human is met.

The relationship between spiritual consciousness and ethics.

1.Did the Kush civilization degrade similarly to Kemet?
2.God is infinite- omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. Does that mean that we can spend lifetimes aspiring to be God and never truly complete the journey because the journey of becoming God is infinite? Just as God is infinite? Yet I have heard of spirits becoming God-like and leaving the dimension of space time. So I do
3.Because of the duality of the space time dimension, is it possible that the needs of all persons in a society will never be met? even in a society that strives to do so, for example in Kemet in the Old Kingdoms?