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Maat Middleton

1- List the topics covered that you thought were most important in helping you to achieve the goal of spiritual enlightenment.

I really appreciate the fact that spiritual progress and spiritual growth falls under the auspices of Djehuty, Heru and Anpu. The study and practice of the teachings God Djehuty cultivate intellect and wisdom in the personality. Heru cultivates aspiration for spiritual redemption and Anpu cultivates mental concentration, right thinking and understanding the nature of the spiritual path.

*Being that each of the Neteru’s that I mention are a part of my personality, my divine self and the fact that I receive their assistance, I am helped to advance to Goddess HetHeru and the God Anpu/ Wepwat.

It’s Anpu/ Wepwat that has been my assistant in finding the right spiritual path and now enabling me to be victorious on the spiritual journey I am in and Hetheru is assisting me and given me an energetic boost to go on and live up, rise up to the challenges of spiritual life. With the support of Djehuty and Aset, I am learning the proper nutritional values of vegetation and greenery with the necessary supplements to allow my organs, cells and etc. to support the boost I get from HetHeru on a physical level as well and mental and spiritual.

The Goddess Het Heru also helps me to experience joy that is given by being conscious of Neberdjer and she helps me to make a presentation of my true self in front of the Divine in all beings. She supports my representation as the Trinity of Asar, Aset and Heru with Maat the underlying foundation and mindfulness which is introduced as an important and vital part of spiritual life and my true self.

In modern day, I have to practice mindfulness, maintaining the presence of mind and maintaining conscious awareness of emerging thoughts and feelings so as to not allow those to unconsciously occur and influence or control the personality or distract from the true source of spirit being. Through practicing these teachings of ancient wisdom and being mindful I receive clearer thoughts from both my higher and lower self and this allows me to make better my conscious decisions and take actions to achieve my spiritual goals with much more positive progress.

I love what the powers of mindfulness does for the divinity within me. To be mindful is to maintain the wisdom knowledge at all times. Keeping them at the top of mind. Not allowing the mind to be carried off with mental fancies, and delusions based on irrational feelings, wayward thoughts or ignorant notions, feelings and desires, which I find the mind having to address due to the influences of the media using the TV and the music and also the worldly associations which I have learned to avoid unless it’s a temporal situation I can’t avoid.

These teaching of mindfulness opens the mind to train and to acknowledge present thoughts and feeling from the perspective of an observer, so as to eventually realize that those thoughts and feeling are born of fleeting artificial histories of personality, while the true essence of being (Asar, Aset and Heru) was subsumed under that delusion.

I acknowledge now that Asar, Aset and Heru are to be kept in mind as the first and foremost reality of life. I find freedom from delusions growing more and more by using these mindfulness teachings. I find positive spiritual progress towards becoming seated in the higher order of being the divine self by following these ancient African Sage teachings.

As a royal personality I should remain mindful and prevent mindlessness in order to receive, retain and allow the wisdom teachings to purify the mind and promote greater awareness of the presence of spirit instead of, otherwise allowing unmindful living that permits egoism and delusion to enter into, corrupt, weaken and control the mind, favoring unrighteousness, immorality and ignorance.

I also realize that these acts of practicing mindfulness are as ritual of offering humility and remembrance. These advancing stages of the spiritual practice is to be expanded.

With sufficient reflection on the issues, increasing self-perception of growing awareness automatic recall of the teachings, then the aspirant will experience increasing spiritual sensitivity and control over the personality.

I find it very important, all of these teachings. I am seeking my powers to being mindful, not dwelling on the past or future and taking the position of the witness (Amun) to what occurs in life, taking care to remain detached, dispassionate and free while keeping the mind focused on the Divinity behind creation and all things in it including one’s body, mind and soul.

This practice involves *recalling the teachings, *training the mind to remember the wisdom of ultimate spirit * While engaging in mundane tasks, cooking, bathing, etc. Then the intellectual remembrance is bolstered and surpassed by the feeling for the divine, which that process carries the personality beyond, ego, mind and intellect to discover the higher essence of existence.

These practice are not easy in the beginning but improves over time until there is less and less effort needed to maintain remembrance. It begins with effort and later becomes automatic, as the unconscious mind is purified and retrained to be oriented towards the spirit within, as opposed to fleeting vicissitudes of time and space human situations and experiences. The remembrance / mindfulness practice works to *constantly purify the mind, *cleanse negative impressions of ignorance, that emerge from the unconscious and possible negative impressions coming in from external activities and relations.

 Mindfulness allows the mind to become rooted in the present and internalized instead of outgoing and defuse.
 Mindfulness allows the mind to hone in on central issues, concentrate on them and hold them in mind for extended periods, eventually allowing the essence being mindful of, to become seated firmly in mind.
 If the correct understanding is there, the mind eventually transcends the objects held in the mind and rest in the essential spirit being it self that is the support of the mind itself.
 There can be no “mind” without spirit being to be the user of mind and senses.
Mindfulness allows a Royal Person to discover that the objects and perceptions of the mind are, as well, supported by the same spirit being as the soul. The source sustaining the soul is the spirit being. Next to be understood is that the spirit being is the reality behind the temporarily sustained apparent reality of the object and perceptions and feeling of the mind.

It is to be recognized that both the soul and the objects have the same source and support – there is no need to search in the external world for fleeting objects or pursuing illusory thoughts and desires.

The only thing worth searching out is spirit being itself. In so doing, the knowledge of and relation of the soul, with all that proceeds from spirit (which is the source of all souls and all objects in creation) can also be discovered. That discovery rescinds all necessity for worldly desires for objects (including other souls / people) as all objects of creation are within the spirit that supports one’s own soul, to which one has access to internally.

Accomplished by allowing mindfulness to occur in the mind, to reshape the perceptions of the mind, away from ignorance and distractions to centeredness on the soul Asar, that centeredness opens up the source of the soul which is transcendental spirit being.

2- State your impressions about the teachings of wisdom presented and your feelings about how the temple iconography and text relates to you as an initiate of the Temple of Asar.

I am very impressed with the teachings of wisdom presented because of the experience I am having within my personality. I am truly amazed happy and grateful to being in contact with the Temple iconography and text because it is quite unbelievable to ordinary circumstances and far beyond the imagination and extremely effective in cleansing my mind and spirit. How the ancient African Egyptian Sages did such an amazing job beyond any modern-day creation is so beautiful. I feel so blessed to have come in contact with these teachings and I do know that it took a lot of hard work for me to reach this point in life. The more that I cleanse myself, the more truth is revealed to me. It’s like I am actually breathing in truth, like I am truly the truth and looking forward to my initiation into the group as I study and become the Goddess and transcend that level into the next to be the reality of Neberdjer and Asar which I am. I have been blessed to come into contact with 3 spiritual preceptors that I know of and they have worked my character into self-discovery and that is what I was born to do, learn my true self and the mystery of God. By doing so I will have all that is needed to stop the process of reincarnating back into the time and space world. The teachings are filled with hard work that becomes easy and spontaneous as time and efforts go on with the practices and a sincerity that is recognized by the Neteru’s who live within me and others. The more I involve myself in the practices and teachings, the more I transcend my old ways and habits and branch deeper into spiritual levels of awareness. For me it’s a beautiful thing to be doing and I find great joy and peace within myself through the teachings. They make my life easier to live in most cases and sometimes I am challenged to live the truth and get through the ups and downs of expressions of the Ariu and the lower self, yet I am getting better and stronger. I find love within my divine self and my divinity to help me at all times and this is what my experiences brings upon me. I am realizing the strength and powers of Heru to conquer my lower self (Seth) and live truth. I am going to continue to live within the thoughts, feelings and actions of Asar, Aset and Heru, Djehuty, Anpu and Maat for as long as I have life in this body and beyond because it makes me a great and Royal Person. I returned to this world by mistake and at the same time I had to become enlighten in order not to make those mistakes again. Dua Nefer for the love, help and supports of my spiritual preceptors and my mentor. m Htp to All.