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Lesson 13 Reading Assignment pp. 182-192

Whatever you discover is to be understood as a relative reality because it is being perceived through the mind and senses which are limited

The point was made that on our initiatic journey we may have particular psychic experiences which we may mistakenly think of as being evidence of our spiritual evolution. However, we should realize that by purifying ourselves we can then be able to dispel any illusions and misconceptions we may have about what constitutes genuine spirituality. To be on an initiatic path, we should let go of our mental concepts realizing they reflect a relative reality being products of our mind and thus illusory.
In looking for an authentic spiritual teacher we should seek out those who exhibit such qualities as patience, dispassion, equanimity of mind, and selflessness
The qualities of the ignorant, discontent, desire, hard-heartedness, distraction, mental agitation, restlessness, selfishness, etc. lead to experiences of pain, disappointment, and frustration in life whereas the qualities of a spiritual advancing personality—selflessness, contentment, peacefulness, detachment, from worldly possessions and relationships lead to greater levels of inner peace and self- discovery. These allow the mind to sink to deeper and deeper levels revealing the true nature of one’s own being.

Self-initiation involves your decision to make the path of yoga your life’s endeavor. You must develop a strong desire to discover who you are and what the world is and you must have a deep rooted conviction that it is possible for you to understand and apply the principles and disciplines of yoga to your life regardless of your life situation.
All Life’s activities are ritualistic to some degree.

When society developed a materialistic view of life and discounted the spiritual values, material values became part of the general culture. Thus, pursuing wealth and the experience of sensual pleasure have become the most commonly practiced rituals in modern culture. ….These rituals are performed toward perishable goals and thus can never satisfy the inner need of the soul. Religious rituals, when performed with growing levels of understanding and devotion towards the divine, will lead to greater and greater peace and self-knowledge.

When you approach the teacher bring an offering
This may be a symbolic object but realizing that it represents one’s inner desire to grow spiritually and respect for the teaching you will receive. Also, come with patience and a spirit of joy.