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The lesson begins with a more detailed look at how the priests/ priestesses of Kemet governed over the land and all aspects of life in the Old and Middle Kingdoms. The King/ pharaoh during these kingdoms is the head of the religious system, but under him/ her are head priest/ priestesses who supervise other priests/priestesses who in turn supervise the teachers of education, music, medicine, writing etc. The king controlled the people, the hekat (government) and government workers. He or she is commonly depicted with a crock (which symbolizes the power to lead) and a flail (which symbolizes their power to direct).
In the late Kingdom we start to see major changes in the government structure of Kemet. It is during this time that Kemet’s borders extend into Asia minor and southern Europe. Due in part to numerous associations with different ethic groups, the army and royalty start to take more and more control from the priests/priestesses. The rulers of Kemet did not have racial basis or segregationist mentality and believed- “if you share your abundance you make a friend out of an enemy. If you hoard your resources, it causes resentment.” Considering this, ethic influx and intermarriage were allowed in Kemet. It is during this time we see Egyptian Kings having harems. Government packs with other ethic groups were sealed via marriage. These practices help lead to the degradation of Kemet as an ethically and spiritually conscious civilization.

To exist in the world, we must have ways of understanding the world. Culture allows us to understand our world and if our culture is righteous culture helps us to prosper in our world. To understand our world, we must understand what is real. There are 4 realities. The first three are illusionary because they are subject to change in space and time. Dr. Ashby uses a rose to help us understand the nature of reality-
I hold a rose in my hand, the rose in my hand is actual reality- made of molecules and atoms, my hand is actual reality, all actual reality is made up of molecules and atoms and all molecules and atoms are made of the same real thing. Different things (actual realities) only appear different because they vibrate at different frequencies. When I think of a rose, this is thought reality. When I say the word rose, this is verbal reality. Naming something gives it a reality, we cannot understand our world without names. A name can change, a rose can wither, and the images of roses we have in our minds are all different. These realities are subjective, and changeable, they are our limited understanding of a rose, not the real essence of a rose. What is the real essence of a rose? What is the real timeless essence of ourselves and this world? The answer can be defined as absolute or transcendental reality. Our spiritual consciousness is absolute reality. Kemetic spiritual awareness revolved around a deep understanding of our absolute reality. Yoga is a discipline that allows us to discover our absolute self. The Bull and 7 Cows concept symbolically means 1 absolute spirit begetting 7 (which represents infinite) acts of creation. This concept has been denigrated to mean literally 1 bull with 7 cows, which is used to justify the practice of polygyny in several African cultures.
Even though we are all manifestations of the one absolute spirit, we each are different because we have different karmic variety/basis. Karmic variety is the residue of our previous experiences that we hold on to. Karmic variety directs our journey in time and space. If we live a life of virtue our Karmic basis will be virtuous. If we live a life of vice our karmic variety will be heavy and we will live a dull life, controlled by our base animal desires.

When we see two or more cultures having similar cultural expressions, we can suspect some form of connection between these cultures. Cultural expressions include myth, philosophy, art, and spirituality. The Kemetic Osiris resurrection story is remarkably similar to the Hindu Krishna story. If there is evidence of contact, then we can argue there is irrefutable evidence of cultural connection.

The most important concept for me was the description of Karmic basis. I am finally beginning to understand how karma works. It still troubles me somewhat, but my understanding is getting better. It would plague me, how life could be so cruel to individuals who have been sexually abused as children, as many of them grow up and find themselves in further abusive relationships. Now I can understand to some extent why. This knowledge actually has been extremely useful to me, already I am using it to help rid myself of some of my negative karma.

1. Why are there some many different dates for the different kingdoms according to historians? Why is there very little consistency in the dating?
2. I believe your vibration affects your ability to understand/ realize the absolute truth. If I choose to live a life of vice and my energy is dull it is therefore more difficult for me to know God yes? Our physical bodies all look different; therefore, they vibrate at different frequencies. A sick person (with for example hypertension) will vibrate at a different frequency that a healthy person. Does our vessel somehow dictate our ability to understand our absolute self? Can a sick person (for example with heart problems) know God?
3. Are our challenges only connected to our karmic basis? What role does the principle of duality play regarding the challenges we face in space time?
4. How do we know Karmic basis is a truth, and not just some explanation to justify the horrors of the world?
5. What is the point of a religion that does not have mysticism?
6. Other cultures have used nepotism to strengthen themselves. Throughout history blacks have been welcoming to other cultures. History has shown this leads to our downfall. Today I think the African ethic group suffers in part because there are no consequences to killing our us, because we have no real economic power. Wouldn’t some nepotism help strengthen our communities today?
7. At a funeral, is it okay to be sad because even though the person has not really died, their energy is no longer in the actual reality and I can’t communicate with them as I did before?
8. How do we know that all human beings are seeking the truth? It seems to me most of us are ok just paying bills and using the dollar to buy pleasure
9. Where the kings/ queens of the old kingdoms trained as priest/ priestesses were?
10. Why is the number 7 associated with infinity?