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Phoenix Hetep MAAT

Lesson 29 Video Assignment- Kemetic Diet Class Parts 1,2, & 3

– List the important themes presented
Diet: A prescribed set of foods that one eats in order to promote a certain effect on the body
Kemetic Diet- is a way of life, a way of thinking, feeling and eating in order to perfect one’s spiritual practice
Ankh- means life process. It relates to the beginning principle of life. Circle= that which is eternal, Cross= that which is temporal.
In order for the body to sustain life it must be taken care of through a proper diet. The Kemetic Diet was created by the Sages of Ancient Kemet.
The Kemetic priest and priestess believed that without this diet for the Mind and Body, True Health and reaching a state of Enlightenment isn’t possible.
When you feed your mind, you’re feeding your thoughts as well. Feeding the mind with negativity causes the inner Eye of (Heru) to be dim and ignorant of the Higher Self.
True health means being close to the Divine- Purified Mind, Body and Soul
Practicing fasting as a means to allow the body and mind to recover itself
Learning to eat only when you are hungry and not out of habit or impulsion
Taking in Life Force Energy through the Breath
 Breathing properly allows you to conserve life force energy and it strengthens/promotes your mental capabilities
 Deep breathing allows one to develop positive thoughts. A calming exercise and a way to commune with the Divine. (Chanting, meditation etc.)
 Shallow breathing can easily cause unbalance (agitation, anger, irritability, negative actions etc.)
Transition Diet
 Move gradually to a 50% raw food diet, then when mastered, transition towards 80%
 You will have a detox/cleansing period
 Developing detachment and dispassion with certain foods. Being free from objects
 Fasting to cleanse and recuperate the body
 Adding green juices to your diet and some vegetarian supplements