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Phoenix Hetep MAAT

Adding more to Lesson 29, question 3: – I continue to work towards intensifying my shedy and doing fasts for the mind, so that I can obtain a greater, more lucid level of health for the mind and the soul.
My daily goal is to be more intentional with paying attention to my thoughts, actions, and desires (aryu), because I want to culminate the practice of MAAT and reach a Divine level of purification.
I am currently working through some negative aryu that impels me to sometimes seek distraction from social media/entertainment platforms, as well as the wanting of others to be codependent of me. From an intellectual level, I know that to counteract the negative and/or ignorance, I need to apply the positive (wisdom), which is Divine acts of righteousness, being the “actionless actor” etc. There is still however a lower energy of inability, possibly even resistance and defiance… BUT looking back at where I was to where I am now, it has decreased a lot since I have made this transition to Shetaut Neter! So, I know from an intuitional place that I will overcome this challenge if I continue to apply my shedy and surrender to the Neter/Neteru.