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Level 1 lesson 3 Reading Assignment pg 23-34.

One of the most important teachings to understand, is the word shedy which comes from the root word sheti which means hidden ,secret or unknown. Shedy is a spiritual discipline or program to promote spiritual evolution that was used in Ancient Kemet. The shedy discipline was a practice to help a person conquer their fetters,to attain nehast.

Egyptian Yoga is the union of the lower self with the higher self. The lower self relates to set which is negative uncontrolled thoughts in the human mind,also egoism and ignorance of your true self. The higher self relates to Heru which is above human temptation and in touch with transcendental consciousness Heru.

The term Smai Tawi or Smai Heru set are Ancient Egyptian words which are translated as Egyptian yoga.

the first qualification necessary for a spiritual aspirant is to take the initiative in advancing spiritually towards freedom from all worldly pain and sorrows,and from the bondage of worldly illusion and ignorance.

Seeking union with the universal consciousness without instructions from a spiritual teacher a true preceptor, someone who has been initiated by the gods/goddess is known as the school of hard knock, which involves repeated incarnations.

A spiritual aspirant should think about his spiritual path as a process of embarking on a Journey of spiritual living, which will led to spiritual enlightenment.

A sage does not live life on the sense perception nor on the desires of the mind and body.

From the perspective of yoga philosophy, much of the accepted normal behavior is really insane behavior has been accepted as normal.

The practice of yoga conditions the mind.