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DjedefHor Anpu

Level 1 lesson 13

I was somewhat familiar with the relationship between the Egyptians and Ethiopians because of the previous teachings and reading assignments. I am grateful for your instruction on how Ethiopia, Nubia, Kush, and Sudan are related because they all refer “black land” or the “land of the blacks.” This knowledge is very helpful when explaining to someone that believes Egypt is not a part of Africa. Now can share with them about the Muslim invasion of the 700’s as well as the connection between the lands south of Egypt.

What impressed me the most about the reading was “What is Initiation?” Before the reading, like so many others, I never thought of initiation as journey. With this understanding of initiation, I can look at the teachings as a life long journey of transformation instead of a single event that takes place in my life.

Secondly, the need for a spiritual preceptor is so important. In the Christian teaching there is very little training to become a teacher. I now realize why so many teachers as well as students struggle with conquering the lower self. The teacher cannot teach what he does now know. The blind leading the blind.