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Asar Maat E


The topics discussed in the last class raised reflections for me with regard to the issues around aryu tainting cognitions and identity and manifesting as feelings. Knowing these ideas is critical to understanding the psycho-spiritual processes that interfere with spiritual aspiration. Even worse they block individuals from even starting on the spiritual path being unable to transform beyond the fetters of the lower energy centers. Without understanding the function of aryu on unconscious levels giving rise to subconscious aspects of identity and conscious feelings, one will find oneself trying to address issues predominately on a conscious level never seeing to integrate shady to support the unconscious aryu.

Also, the question of what is a well-adjusted personality suitable for the teachings was significant. Although I agree that a person needs to be reasonably well adjusted in life to be taught the teachings, it comes to mind that people with neurotic personality and who are severely mentally afflicted may be introduced to the teachings/yoga practices in counseling or healing context. Research with regard to persons suffering from schizophrenia indicates yoga as a recommended treatment within inpatient settings. Also, Breathwork practices (conscious breathing) has been conducted with psychiatric inpatients as a non-drug alternative for therapeutic experiences. It is understood that counseling and clinical interventions are not the work of the teachings as being offered within the temple, yet it seems that it would be important to further understand the roles of practices in the sleep temples that served individuals prior to initiation.

Regarding the videos related to the coronavirus concerns for clergy, the practices of ozone therapy appear in alignment with the holistic and naturalistic practices of the Kemetic diet. Personally, I am exploring this form of treatment to address a current health concern.

Dr. Bergmen’s and Dr. Shiva’s arguments criticizing Dr. Fauci’s practice of in-sighting fear that requires a shut down of masses appear sound. These recommendations are again in alignment with the holistic and dietary supplemental recommendations in the Kemetic Diet and support of key need to boost the immune system. The fact that the current course of actions do not encourage bolstering the immune system and insight fear and support the economic explosion of vaccines and other capitalist desires is most unethical. The fact that Dr. Shiva is moving forth as a politician and some of his credentials raise questions about his credibility.