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Level 1 Lesson audio, GS13 by Dr. Muata Ashby about the importance of his work and philosophy by the remix show.

Sebei ma explained that his work is to bring back an aspect of African Culture and human history that has been forgotten and ignored. This has cause a stagnation of the human personality and caused it to become permeated with ignorance by worldly desire, greed and lust. These are aspects of human culture. He also spoke about Ancient Kemet/Egypt philosophy being the foundation of African proverbial wisdom that has been diffused throughout African history and culture, and can be found throughout African. In proverbial wisdom for civilizing and elevating the human way of life.

Semai Tawi is the ancient African translated as Egyptian yoga. The word Sema means to unite the lower and higher self.

The mystic purpose of creation is to allow you experience’s that will help you discover the higher nature of your essential being. If you live a life in a proper way in accordance with principles of Maat, African proverbial wisdom if will lead you a balance with nature.

How culture width the proper myth will lead to self-discovery, harmony and peace. The mythic teachings relate to transcendental realities that go beyond time and space. In order to understand the true meaning of a myth if has to be taught by a preceptor, someone who has been initiated into the teaching by god or goddess. The deeper meaning of the asarian myth is that you are Asar who was killed by your brother set, which is egoism. Heru is your higher aspirations and your successful challenges in life.

True religion has three myth, ritual and mystical religion is a step beyond orthodox or western religion, which is only limited to the first steps myth and ritual. They don’t go to the mystical or philosophic aspects of religion. Western religion is based on faith not ethical consciousness/Maat western religion is exclusive and psychotic. The goal of kemetic theology is humans to become one with god. Purifying yourself by acquiring ethical consciousness, which gives you the capacity to study and apply yourself to the metaphysical practice, so that you become worthy of the power that is bestowed.

Polygamy was not an aspect of kemetic culture. It was practice in the pharaonic aspects of the culture for political reasons, for making alliances or treaties. There is no record of wide polygamy in ancient Kemet.