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This Presentation gives students guidelines on how to use the various books written by Dr. Ashby. The books are divided into different steps. Some books will be more attractive than others depending on spiritual aspirant’s path to self-realization.
The different subcategories of books include
Step One: these books are the primers and summaries of Kemetic spirituality. They are excellent books to start with, to begin to understand the history and teachings of Ancient Egyptian spirituality. The three main ones are
– Egyptian Yoga Volume 1: The Philosophy of Enlightenment
– Egyptian Mysteries Volume 1 : Shetaut Neter, The Mysteries of Neterian Religion and Metaphysics
– The African Origins of Civilization, Religion, Yoga Mystical Spirituality, Ethics Philosophy and a History of Egyptian Yoga
Step Two: includes the books that deal with the basics of how to practice Egyptian Yoga. Three popular books in this group are
– Initiation into Egyptian Yoga and Neterian Spirituality
– Kemetic Diet: Ancient African Wisdom for Health of Body, Mind and Spirit
– Egyptian Yoga: Movements of the Gods and Goddesses
The Book of Coming Forth By Day and Asurian Religion are also important books for practice and are included in the Egyptian Mysteries Series. The books The Serpent Power and Sacred Sexuality cover the practice of Tantric philosophy. The main Neterian traditions are discussed in the following books-
– Anunian Theology of the God Ra
– Wesetian Theology of the God Amun
– Asarian Theology of the God Osiris
– Memphite Theology of the God Ptah
– Mysticism of the Goddess
– Mystical Journey From Jesus to Christ ( Ancient Egyptian Gnostic Christianity)
The 4 Shedy disciplines are covered in greater detail in the books
– Mysteries of Asis (Wisdom)
– Maat Philosophy
– Mystic Walk of Divine Love
– Meditation: the Ancient Egyptian Path to Enlightenment
There are also books that approach modern day events from an Ancient Egyptian point of view. These books include Comparative Mythology, The Collapse of Civilization etc. There are books for kids such as the Parent’s Guide and continued expansion of the practices can be found in more recently written books such as the Mysteries of Kybalion and the Kemetic Tree of Life.

Video two looks at the origins of Kemetic spirituality, culture and the purpose of societies and civilizations. Our culture today is a culture of self-importance, greed and excess. The concept of race is an illusion, created by one culture to justify control of other cultures. Culture is a manufactured reality that allows us to understand our world. Culture is created via philosophy, and in turn culture defines how our societies treat individuals and how our societies work as a whole. Perennial philosophy underlies all cultures and myths. Civilization is a civil society where individuals are kind and caring and all grow and prosper. According to this definition, we do not live in a civilization today. Kemetic culture was based on harmony and spiritual awareness. Ancient Kemet was a true civilization. In ancient Kemet the female was not denigrated. The Sphinx the oldest monument in the world (in existence at least since 10,500 BCE) is a monument of spiritual awareness. The lion and human head signify a person who has mastered their lower nature. The serpent on the head of the sphinx represents spiritual consciousness has been elevated to the level of the mind.

The fact that we live in a world of madness and most people are ignorant of this. Most Africans are unaware of their true origins. I am unaware of my true origin, my true self. It awesome to know that for several centuries there was a civilization of higher consciousness created by my people.

1. I don’t understand how I could choose to experience this life of suffering. Why would I choose to do that? So I may grow to know myself? In knowing my true self does that mean I no longer suffer? Or do horrible things still happen but I am unaffected by these things?
2. Because Europeans evolved in cold weather, does it mean they are more susceptible to calcification of the pineal gland?
3. Do meat eaters ever become enlightened, or does meat consumption lead to so many impurities that it is an impossible feat?
4. Science argues that cell phone radiation is non-ionizing and less dangerous than the sun. Yet there is some proof that cell phone usage is linked to cancers especially in children. How do I better understand the type of radiation emitted from cellphones and the detriment it does to our health?
5. Is the decline of great civilizations inevitable? Is this due to changes in the constellations? Are we now in the Age of Aquarius? what does this age mean for mankind? Which book contains more information on the Kemetic zodiac?
6. How does a person transcend culture?