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Phoenix Hetep MAAT

Lesson 29 Audio Assignment- Introduction to Kemetic Diet Track 1
1. What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words.
– Hotep di si neter iri metu wadj- “offering is made to propitiate that the Divine may make the vascular system flourish (invocation of Health)
– The Ancient Egyptians discovered that the key to health is to be cleansed in the vascular system, the bodies pathways.
– An effective spiritual practice requires holistic health (Body, Mind, and Soul)
– The truest state of health is enlightenment because the True essence of our being is Spirit.
– One has to move away from ignorance and move towards Knowledge in what are the right foods to feed the body, mind, and soul, which will lead to pure health, peace and happiness.
– One central problem that leads to ill health- Ukadu- mucus build-up (a disease process that attacks the vascular system)
– Society is starting to see that the health practices followed in ancient times are more effective for Health instead of the antibiotics and pills
2. Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the lecture? If so, which ones?
– Yes, I have been a vegan for over a year now and at this point in my journey I want to start implementing more raw foods into my diet. As of right now, I consume about 80% cooked foods and 20% raw foods. My goal is to change that over time as I continue to grow in the Teachings.
I also implement consuming health for the Mind and Soul by doing my shedy. Although there are times where I experience stagnancy or become easily distracted with other worldly things, I will not stop or allow my ego personality to win resulting in being back to the dull state in which my mind was. Instead I continue to participate in weekly Ushet, listen and reflect on the wisdom teachings to gain a better understanding of my aryu, how to live Maat and cultivate purification, increase my daily devotion to the Divine etc.
I just recently joined the Kemetic Diet Group that meets on Sunday at 12:30 and my fellow Bastus and Aspirants have been a great support system with all of the information and reflections that are shared!
We go over healthy “foods” to consume for all aspects- Body, Mind and Soul according to the Kemetic teachings given the Kemetic Diet book.
Before starting this Spiritual path, I was like most people who only saw health from a physical aspect, but since I’ve been in the teachings, I see the importance of Holistic Health in order to reach the ultimate goal, enlightenment! As I continue to transform my lifestyle to the Kemetic Diet I gain more understanding, and most importantly Will Power to keep working towards purification.
Holistic Health has really resonated with me and I am currently taking educational strides to get certifications towards being a practitioner.
3. If not, then how will you implement the teachings you are not currently practicing, in your life and Spiritual practice?
– I want to get back to implementing fasting for all aspects- Body, Mind, and Soul. I plan to start doing a weekly intermittent fasting schedule for each area. Starting off I will pick a day from each area (body, mind, soul) where I will fast from certain things during a certain time. My goal is to increase my Will Power so that I can get to a consistent level to fast for 1-3 whole days.