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Bastu Baket

Lesson 8 Video Assignment: Important Points of Lesson 8

What are some of the Important points covered in this lecture:

Important Points of Lesson 8

1. Verse 53, is actually from lesson 7…

The Shedy Scriptures and teachings can lead one to Nehast, but these teachings are the REAL DEAL. The Shedy teachings are provisional teachings, and the Temple of Aset Teachings are Essential teachings.

Someone with the knowledge of these words of power could gain control over Ra and all of Creation. This is the Wisdom of why the name, the Power of Nature, Creation itself, life itself, is hidden.

Hekau-a n Hekau er-a

2. Verse 54. Ra calls for skillful Neter Healers to come to his aid, ones that he can trust. Aset is not one of these! He explains that he was out for a leisurely stroll, trying to be incognito. Perhaps he He was wearing his shades.

Verse 56. Even though this is his Creation, he had no idea what had bit him.

In verse 57, he asks, “Is this the Corona Virus?” Lol!

3. In Verse 58-59, he describes his symptoms, and one of them is that he is shaking, like vibrating children, born of parents that tremble in fear, due to cold wind blowing through them.

Mesu hesyu

Hesyu: hesy + nafu

Hesyu: singing certain teachings in a certain way, vibrating in a proper way. Singing in a proper way, at the proper tone, frequency, can cause a vibration that will shatter the illusion. Singing the words in this way will create a trembling vibration in time and space, to shatter illusion. Breaking down delusion. Break down the Illusion, break through confusion. With the proper power energy vibration, will lead to it breaking down all delusion ABOUT Ra, break down the illusion of Ra and the name of Ra will be searchable, will be findable. Instead of google search, this is Shedy Search, that goes with the Shedy calculator.

“If you can speak correctly, connect with the vibrational pattern of creation, it will lead to a capacity to break down creation with the speech, with the power of the speech.”
Sebai Maa. This sounds like a definition for Divine singing.

Sebai warns us. CAUTION:

This is not something that can be learned, it must be worked, kneaded, you must transform the form of it. From mortal consciousness to immortal. Transcending the personality, one’s identity and attachments. Transform from Individual mortal personality to one that is androgynous, detached from time and space. One that is wise about the Nature of creation.

Otherwise your words will not have power. Must have Maakheru otherwise your creations will be distorted, or evil even because they are driven by ego and not the higher nature.

The mouth is connected to the unconscious mind, if the content were to be transformed, then the words the singing, the chant would become effective and powerful as being discussed. You must transform the thoughts of the unconscious mind.

4. Verse 59a-61

Ra calls for the Neters that have healing wisdom and words of power. The ones that have no ill intent towards him… not Aset in other words.


Illusion does not mean that it does not exist. It means that it is something other than what it appears to be.

Ra is the Ego of the world. Ra is the egoistic expression of the Divine, in time and space.

There is nothing wrong with his ego, there is something wring with our ego, if we perceive his ego as something other than what it is, a reflection.

Shedy of Wisdom

Understanding Ra and the cosmic forces are powerless before the might of a true aspirant.

serious, dispassionate, relentless, and regular, not intermittent, spiritual aspirant.

The Illusion of Creation may be powerful, but it is no match for the Divine Intuition of the True Aspirant.

5. Verse 62-63

Servant: khery.

All gods and goddesses are his servants. Priests and priestesses are also servants, hem, hemu, hemut all mean servant/slave,seer, majesty.

“It is majestic to serve and be a slave of the divine which allows you to have divine vision.”

Aset comes in, empowered: she is the poison and the antidote. She was well packed & provisioned. She had the words of power in her mouth in the form of breath of life.

She had that power in her capacity of speech. She has created a taffy shepsy, she is able to sing speak the right vibration that is the taffy shepsy, this oneness movement is a kind of singing, vibrating in such a way that is breaking creation down. This breakdown of creation is something offered only by her. She is the model of the aspirant, so if you find this frequency vibration and do all this work, sculpting yourself into the image of a divine serpent with the harpoon, then no power in creation can oppose you because your power is of your creation and only you can undo it.

If you poison an idea only you can unpoison it, and same goes for an illusion, you can destroy it, and then you can also revive it.

if that process gets going, and you really mean to do it, no part of the creation can come and make you believe it again, you are immune to the poison. If you have clarity, Khak ab, Maakheru, etc.

Ra is still in pain, and she comes in with the only words of power that can heal him in the capacity of Nafu n Ankh.

If someone is overwhelmed by instability. Vibrating uncontrollably, to the point that creation is breaking down. These Words of power cause Life to be restored. Dispelling mucous that is clogging the throat.

khat set aset ra set m nafu n ankh tjez-set

Provisioned with power

Residing in her mouth in the form of the breath of life her invocatory words of power.

Verse 66.

She is acting like she does not know what is wrong, then she begins to diagnose him. Telling him that she has the remedy to reverse his current condition.

6. Verse 67

This was done to you by a creature of your own creation that reared up its head in defiance of you. Metaphorically, Aset IS the taffy shepsy.

Verse 65-69:

It is not the snake that Ra should be worried about, it is Aset that he needs to worry about. It is Aset that produced the snake that bit him in order to destroy the illusion.

This is also what we as aspirants and followers of Aset must do: especially in light of what is going on in the world today. Going on in Creation, which is an illusion, and so covid-19, 5g vaccines are also illusions and we can learn how to break them down. To transcend them.

We must raise up our heads and go against Ra. We must NOT be obedient we MUST question the illusion, and the authority figures that create these illusions. We must Continue with Antet begag until the illusion has been broken down.

Rising up in defiance of the illusion is a hallmark of an avid and advancing aspirant.

You have to change, and as you chant and continue with shedy practice, these changes will manifest. But you have to change yourself. Sculpt yourself into that form of a taffy shepsy, and the content of your aryu is also transformed. You yourself are Ra’s creation, utter the words of power, and realize that you have the key to shatter the illusion of creation as well as restore once you are done.

There are 4 new songs and/or chants that came from this lesson. I will add them when they are ready…. Hotep.