Reply To: Amenemopet Discussion and Assignments Forum

Sehu Khepera


The group of videos brought up some salient points with regards to the COVID 19 situation. The fort video on ozone therapy I found most interesting as the presenter was clear with the physiology and mechanism of ozone and how it eliminates the capacity of the virus to enter in to cells where they cause the disruptions and resultant development of symptoms.

I agree that the situation is an immune system problem but I do not want to dismiss the seriousness of the virus there are people who am aware of that have died from the virus. However, as with the presenters in the videos, I do not believe in a vaccination solution and that is why the ozone therapy is very intriguing as a healthy means to handle the virus if one is exposed to it.

I also agree that the ones who are managing the disease are doing so from a perspective of economic and power gain rather than from a position of doing what is in the best interest of public health. I think that Trump is in some ways naive to what’s going on around him, yet, his solutions are based in the same profit motive ideas. The “experts” are clearly working to use the situation as a means to promote vaccination and impinge on the right to choose medical care, which is a very serious issue.

I think all the knowledge presented in the videos is necessary to make sense and come to an understanding of the complexity of the issue.
Asar Sehu Khepera Ankh