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EM1 – Lesson 2 Video Assignment – Intro to SN short part 2b
What were the main themes discussed?
In Lesson 2:
1. The types of worship used by ancient Kemitians:
1. public (done on behalf of the public by Hemu – in the recesses of the temple or in public procession or display)
2. Private: devotion, offerings, meditation, and study done in front of your private home altar.
2. The first known meditation system – Glorious Light System in the temple of Seti Uaa (??)
3. Tjef Sema Peut Neteru purpose = spiritual health & development & it’s devolution to only physical & mental health
4. Wisdom = Knowledge + Experience

Explain what impressed you most.
The formula for wisdom resonated quite loudly as it always does. As a baby aspirant, I try to reflect on my thought process. I ask myself is this intuition guiding me or my ariu. Sometime I think it would be arrogant of me to think I am spiritually developed enough to say it was intuition. We grow up using the word intuition and associate it with the gut feeling that comes from the Divine to assist in moments where we have no knowledge to pull on. This is a redefining moment. Yes maybe that is Divine intervention. Wisdom and using true intuition is different and I appreciate the glimpses.

Apologies – I also posted this in the audio section by mistake! Dua Sebai