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Lesson 1
-This video explained the Eqygtpian Yoga Book series, and provided an organized manner in which to read the books, in order to provide an aspirant with the necessary foundational tools to begin the journey to Enlightenment. The first 3 books Egyptian Yoga, Egyptian Mysteries, and The African Origins, will also help you determine if you would like to go further into your studies. The next set of books are the “nuts and Bolts” of the teachings, as Dr Muata Ashby states, as they give you the practices required to begin to apply the teachings to your like, in a practical manner. After reading these first two sets of books, you will begin to see for yourself which direction you want to go in the teaching. The path for each aspiriant is different, depending on what best fits your personal journey in this life.
-Race is an illusion, it is a concept imposed by one culture in order to control other cultures, no foundation in reality, Genetics have shown to be an effect of culture. Culture gives you a window into reality , and it is a manufactured reality , for entry into the world. Today’s culture consists of egoism, and possessing material things in excess that serve us no true purpose. Culture gives you a window to reality, a manufactured reality
Asar and Aset-
ASAR is your soul, ASET is your wisdom
Your wisdom has come to resurrect your soul
In the process of mating with your soul you produce HERU(your aspiration/redeemer), the one who finally takes out Set ( who is your ego), from being on the throne of your life, then ASAR is on the throne of your life, which is then called NAHAST/ ENLIGHTENMENT
HERU is the opposite of SET
ASET is the opposite of SET ( SET/ASET- Goddess ISIS)
Intuitional wisdom is the antidote for egoism, and intuitional wisdom starts to communicate and starts to join to protect the soul allowing your wisdom aspect to grow HERU, who grows within, and finds SET and reclaims the throne
Shedy- spiritual principles to enlighten personality to cleanse heart
Religion- Sema Tawi- Egyptian Yoga
True religion has 3 stages -Myth, Ritual,Mysticism
Shedy disciplines- Aset (Wisdom), Listening, Study, Maat, Devotion, Meditation
Formal- Meditation, Chanting, Hekaku ( words of power) , Purifying(live maat), Purify intellect , Devotion purifies feeling
Informal- Heart feelings, Purify your Ari- things that happen when not in meditation
Kemetic Diet
Basic daily observances of Shemsu
Ra-morning, afternoon, and evening
Daily worship 3 times daily
Devotional Love- a love for divine higher consciousness as oppose to things in time and space
When you learn to transcend the world that is called “Know Thyself”, Know your higher self
Practice of the posture system (3 levels/ 5 phases)- Physical, Mthyic, Meditative
Sphinx/Hormaket (Heru in the Horizon) is the most ancient monument in the world, and a monument to spiritual consciousness.
Lion Head /Human Body Symbolizing someone who has mastered their lower nature and intellect higher nature.

B. The most important theme to me is DICOVERY OF SELF because, the sooner you recognize the TWO worlds, the ILLUSION on the surface and the REAL world beneath the smoke screen, the sooner you can have experience real happiness, that is not dependent on things outside of you. You will learn to navigate the secular world, and live your life on your own terms. When you obtain enlightenment, you can step into your true purpose, and experience fulfillment on a deeper level. Obtaining enlightment does not mean that you won’t face adversity, but you will be able to work through it, and receive the lesson from it, allowing you to grow and continue on. Also with your spiritual awakening, you can help others who are in distress, and may be heading down the path of self destruction to finally discover their true selves and their own self worth.

C. Is it known there is any significance to the size of the Hormakhet? Was the ancient monument a temple within, a tomb, perhaps housing to the leaders of that time period etc?
There have been theories that skin pigmentation is determined by the climate in a particular area, and that the features of a human evolved to best protect the body in certain temperatures. Has it ever been determined that geography and weather have anything to do with what appears to be a complete divide visually of people?


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