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Phoenix Hetep MAAT


Lesson 28 Video Assignment (Intro to Shetaut Neter 104-105 parts 3 & 4)
1. List the important themes presented
– MAAT Philosophy has a practical (The 42 Precepts) as well as a cosmic aspect
Entering into the Inner Shrine (after being weighted on the scale of MAAT and it is determined that your heart was lighter than MAAT)
o Heru is the one that leads the initiate into the inner shrine to meet Asar after having already went through the balance scales of MAAT.
o The righteous initiate is being anointed- becoming an Akhu (enlightened) in the second hieroglyphic scene
– MAAT Philosophy teaches that:
o If you adopt a path of life that leads to truth you will discover peace and prosperity.
o You have a Divine Purpose
o If you are to study the wisdom of the Neteru, you will discover your purpose in life
o If you become pure of heart- Righteous- you will discover God and Immortality
o You will succeed in life if you learn about Maat Philosophy from your teacher and practice it every day.
o MAAT is a perennial practice
– We fell from the True Knowledge of Self because of An-MAAT (unrighteousness). Devotion is a path that leads us out of ignorance and unrighteousness, and into Devotion to the teaching and the Divine.
– Aset (Wisdom) is giving Heru (Spiritual Aspiration) the spiritual nectar that enriches the mind
– The transcendental Supreme Being cannot be known with the physical senses. The worshipping of the lower Gods and Goddesses is needed in order to develop a higher understanding and sensibility in discerning the Supreme Being.
– “God can be seen but not understood”- God can be seen in all things but to truly KNOW God we must become One with God.
– All is One and we are One, but if you maintain yourself in ignorance you maintain a separation and the separation is an illusion.
– The Gods and Goddess are symbolic of cosmic principles. They exist in philosophical and metaphorical terms. They are the Divine cosmic forces/personalities within each of us, having emanated from the Supreme Divinity. This Divine Truth makes us one with all things, and most importantly, One with The All.
– The Gods and Goddess are not separate from the Supreme Being. They are always under the control, can come from the Supreme.
– The Neteru is the smoke and the Neter is the Fire. If you look for the “smoke” you will soon be led to the “fire”.
– Without purity of Heart, nothing is possible. The Devotion helps you to purify the heart and allows you to FEEL the teaching and not just think about it.