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Djeddu Kheru

Discussion Temple Assignment Lesson 2
Udja Greetings!
Im feeling the teaching telling us as Royal Personalities to purify the mind; body as a whole. Constant movement of the mind in a cleaningsing mystic and philosophical instruction. My feeling of the instruction continues to be lead to power over water. Were to be cleansed of impure thoughts and actions so that our sefek ba ra my become clear/cleansed/open. We are to be purified before we can even understand the divine. All of the gods/godesses are the principles available for us to utilize while we mentally move through this journey of towards attaining nehast. One must become redeemed (heru) to be received for the worthiness of sitting on the throne of Asr.
High intellect (djehuti) is utilized with (anpu) discernment and (het-heru) the dynamic aspect of Ra (spirit) to be presented to Asr (Soul). I feel the constant movement higher and higher as I walk upon the raised levels. Our energy centers are to be purified and consciousness raised to higher vibrations. This is leading from movement of the mind to no movement at all. This is the greatest feeling to move toward the divine, becoming one with the divine. I am God and this water in casement is finding/remembering my true self lead by the principles mentioned above. I am God and only God. Nothing new has been created. The temple is teaching me purification so that I may have a new body/ become a new person then go back to my essence which is God; ending re-incarnation.
Htp Fedu