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Djeddu Kheru

Udja This is Shems Djeddu Kheru. My reflection, As I’m walking through the courtyard I’m communing with the gods and goddesses.
Walking on Geb breathing in shu as I meditate at a stop over.
Visualizing tefnut once flowing at the purification wells (even though it still flows at a subtle level in the air), I’m basking and soaking Ra as I stand and walk all while nut hugs us all. Then I open my eyes to realize it’s all me.
Preparing myself mentally before I’m worthy enough to walk inside the temple. Cleansing and power over the mind; my body and astral body. All while guided by universal soul. I learned about the living quarters of the Peraah, in regards to where they`d stay when visiting the temple and the symbolism within this. Symbolism is ever present to aide as crutches for those who seek and find. The Holographic convergence is magnanimous in coming together and creating a whole with the aspirant in the middle. I also found the meditation of having power over water profound. This meditation gave me the inner vision to feel power over mind. One needs much purification to even seek these authentic teachings also when you find. Upon reading the Glyph Nesu Bity user-maat ra setep en ra ary akhut em aset heh. This gave me the inclination to realize even the “powerful ruler” must realize a higher level of humility and become one with the Divine. No wonder these teachings lasted for thousands of years and todays society is crumbling after a couple hundred. There is no civilization being promoted and practiced or Maatian principles being followed today as a whole. Leaders are not being guided by authentic sages, which aides to promotion of wordly desires and an-maat. I feel purification is needed on a multitude of levels to even begin to receive these teaching awaiting the aspirant. You can see the divine all around, but without the purification you cant understand. HTP