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Phoenix Hetep MAAT

Udja, Peace and Blessings

Lesson 25 Audio Assignment (How to Be a Successful Student Part 1A and 1B)
1. What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words
– Study of the teaching is a specialized endeavor and is much more difficult than worldly studies (like college). You are studying Creation- the philosophies and mysteries, as well as the mystery of our own Being beyond the world of time and space (Transcendental).
The Learning Process
– Sebai, Sebait, and Seba (Trinity of Learning)
o Sebai- the Authentic teacher someone who understands the teaching well and can impart the knowledge. Giving you the essential teachings and helping you to understand them.
o Sebait- the teachings that are being taught (A Whole teaching)
 Worldly and Spiritual teachings (Lower and Higher Mysteries)
o Seba- The aspirant, the student (the female). Metaphor- The female receives the seed from the male (Sebai), allows herself to be fertilized and creates a new life through the teachings. (It is important that the Seba allows the teaching (seed) to be received, if not the seed will not be planted.)
“Everything is a Teacher” (AEP)
– Having faith in your ability to learn the teachings, faith in your teacher’s ability and faith in the teaching.
Aspiration (being an aspirant)
– the main thing that drives you, it is the philosophy in which you live. Achieving greatness in the world and greatness in the Spirit should be the goal of every aspirant.
o while achieving the goal of greatness in your worldly life an aspirant also works toward achieving the Spiritual goal as well.
o The ultimate goal of an aspirant is to experience the Knowledge that transcends all knowledge, to be one with the Divine. (Enlightenment)
“The purpose of life is to achieve a state of consciousness that transcends all bodily concerns” (AEP)
How can an Aspirant begin to work towards the Ultimate Goal?
o Purifying yourself (Gross and Subtle)- Thoughts, Words, and Deeds. Living MAAT
o Turning towards Virtue allows you to turn away from the distractions of the world, they will begin to reduce. Allows you to become detached and dispassionate towards fleeting desires.
It allows you to eradicate the entanglements and negative aryu because of ignorance from the consciousness, cleansing the negative helps to promote create positive aryu.
o They are effective tools to help, but you can’t rely on the books and the teacher, you have to rely on yourself! Take flight! Become Self-Reliant!
o Deep down within, you are one with the Divine! You can achieve ANYTHING you want in this world! You are an expression of the Divine! You have to be secure in the Understanding and Knowledge of this capacity. It has to be worked towards with belief in Oneself.
o Have that singular purpose in life and keep it in view. Purify yourself and Live MAAT to achieve it!
o Approaching the teaching with effort (spend time with the teaching, internalize the teaching, love the teaching etc.)
o We deplete our Life Force Energy when worldly desires and distractions are constantly sought after instead of spiritual desires.
o Believe in Yourself! Continual effort in the teachings is necessary even in times of failure!
o Purity of Heart keeps you successful in the teachings. Have Devotion of Purpose and Genuine Love for what you are doing
o Have Devotion and Humility for the teacher when the teaching is taught. Being the female (receiving), not the male (aggressive).
o Doing something towards your Goal everyday increases your Will Power and Perseverance
o Receive unconscious

2. Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and lecture? If so, which one(s)?
– I am currently transitioning, as well as implementing the teachings given in the audio lecture.
o “The Learning Process”, as I continue to participate in the weekly chat meetings, Ushet, Study Lessons etc. I know The Trinity of Learning method is the most effective for me. When I reserve time for the teachings throughout the day, I make sure to receive the knowledge in this manner.
I’ve also started to allow experiences, people, and situations in life to teach me as well. I have always believed that life is a teacher of many lessons, however before discovering this Spiritual path, I was resistant to allowing myself to be taught… being the “male”- aggressive.
o “Being an aspirant and working towards the Ultimate Goal”, the teachings given in this section are what I am currently transitioning into and have been implementing as well. I continue to work towards purifing myself layer by layer and live MAAT. Allowing virtue to guide me towards wanting spiritual desires instead of worldly ones, I no longer want to deplete my Life Force Energy on secular/temporary things.
I have been experiencing dispassion towards certain worldly desires, some I have been able to completely eradicate and detach myself from on a surfaced level, others I am still working towards.
Each day I am growing a little more in being Self-reliant. The ultimate goal of wanting to be ONE with the Divine is all I think about, and my actions are beginning to align as well.
It has been challenging yet Peacefully liberating to have now reached a point of awareness when it comes to my vices, ignorance’s, negative aryu etc. embedded in all levels of my consciousness. Now that I have an effective Spiritual practice and I choose to implement the teachings, I also choose to work towards no longer being a slave to negativity. Although there will be more difficult times and moments of failure to come, they are still teachable moments!
I know that I have the capacity to achieve anything in this lifetime, I also know that choosing to diligently elevate and increase my Will Power will lead me to Enlightenment. In order for me to culminate what is known, I need to keep living the teachings, purifying my aryu, and elevating my Awareness.